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The Advantages of Buying a Home in Napa Valley

Many people dream of one day living in Napa Valley. If you’re one of them, why not explore the homes for sale in Yountville, CA, and the surrounding communities to see if you can make your dream come true? The Napa real estate market offers something for everyone. Whether you’re getting ready to retire, have […]

The Benefits of Working With a Local Real Estate Agent in Napa Valley

When you want to sell your wine country real estate property—or if you’re looking for homes for sale in Napa, CA—one of your wisest moves can be working with a local real estate agent familiar with the region’s market. From cottages to vineyard estates, our agent’s knowledge of the area sets them head and shoulders […]

What to Know About Staging Your Home 

Every seller wants a property that stands out and sells more quickly for the best possible price. It can be particularly challenging in the luxury real estate market, where competition remains tough despite the upheavals the rest of the market has recently seen.   At St. Helena Real Estate, we know from experience that staged homes […]

Positives and Negatives to Buying a house next to a school 

Living next to or across the street from a school comes with advantages and disadvantages. As circumstances differ from homeowner to homeowner, whether it’s the right move for you depends on many factors. If you’re currently looking at homes for sale in the Napa, CA, region, your real estate agent can help you decide whether […]

Trendy vs Timeless

Redesigning or redecorating can be a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to update your home’s look using today’s latest trends. However, there’s a big difference between choosing on-trend or trendy design and architectural features. In our work as luxury real estate agents, we enjoy seeing how many homeowners manage to strike just […]

Sustainable Green Home Trends

As a successful Napa Valley high-end real estate company, we know that sustainability and eco-friendly design are increasingly important for luxury home buyers. Whether you’re in the market for a more eco-friendly home or are looking to invest in green upgrades for your existing home, here are the sustainable green home trends you should consider. […]

Home Renovations vs New Build

Should I renovate or build new? It’s an age-old question with no easy answer. There are pros and cons to each, and many practical matters to consider, including your needs, goals, and desires for your home. The luxury real estate agents at St. Helena Real Estate can help you decide whether a custom build or […]

Holiday Home Décor

Nothing welcomes the winter holiday season like a well-decorated, festive home. Gorgeous table settings, cozy fireplaces adorned with evergreen boughs and ribbon, and beautifully trimmed trees or gilded menorahs bring a smile to everyone’s face. Are you looking for fresh ways to update your Napa Valley or Sonoma home for the holidays? Our real estate […]

Timeless Features That Never Go Out of Style

Design evolves and tastes change, but certain home features remain constant from one decade or even century to the next. If you’ve ever toured wine country real estate, you might have been struck by how certain, and similar, interior styles were employed by the homeowners. Incorporating timeless décor and furniture is a terrific way to […]

Fall Home Décor Trends

Gorgeous foliage, cozy sweaters, and a multitude of pumpkin-spice treats make fall one of Napa’s most beautiful and enjoyable times of the year. It’s also when many homeowners are inspired to spruce up their houses with captivating touches that say, “Welcome to our home!” If you’re looking for ways to update your Napa Valley or […]

Has the stress of buying quickly started to ease?

The past two years have seen fierce competition among home buyers, particularly in the wine country real estate market, where listed properties often received multiple offers far above their asking price. The good news for buyers is that the easing of bidding wars that started back in April is now clearly a trend. The National […]

An Overview of Calistoga and St. Helena

Napa Valley is renowned for its beautiful and diverse communities, each offering unique benefits for homebuyers. Two perennial favorites for visitors and residents alike are Calistoga and St. Helena. If you’re thinking about moving to Napa Valley and are torn between which of these towns is right for you, this post is for you. The [...]

Looking For a Luxury Home?

While luxury home sales overall tumbled nearly 18% from 2021 to 2022, the luxury real estate market in the Napa Valley is still going strong. For some people, buying luxury real estate is fulfilling a lifelong dream, whether it’s their primary residence, a second home, or an investment property. As any real estate agent specializing […]

Why Pre-Approval and What You Should Avoid After Applying for a Home loan

When you’re ready to start shopping for a new home, one of your first steps after finding a Napa real estate agent should be reaching out to lenders for a mortgage pre-approval. Pre-approval letters show sellers you’re financially able to purchase a property. And if you’re competing with a lot of other interested buyers, a […]

What is the process when closing on a house?

Your Napa Valley real estate agent does much more than list and show properties. We’re also here to answer any questions you might have about the closing process. Though a real estate agent’s role at closing is minimal, we do know a thing or two about what happens on one of your life’s most exciting […]

What the interest rate spike might mean for house buying

There are many stunning homes for sale in St. Helena, CA, with properties ranging from boutique wineries and grand estates to charming residences within easy walking distance of downtown. Buyers and sellers alike are asking us what the rising mortgage interest rate might mean to the wine country real estate market. Will it slow the […]

Investing in a Single-Family or Multifamily Rental Property

Are you getting ready to invest in income property in Napa? One of the most common questions a real estate agent hears regarding such investments is whether it’s better to choose a single-family or multifamily property. When it comes to investment real estate, new and seasoned investors alike often have trouble deciding between the two. […]

Tips on moving with kids

The average American moves about 12 times in a lifetime. Children move on average two and a half times between birth and eighth grade, with some moving ten times or more. While moving can be a positive experience for the family, any realtor will tell you they’ve seen that moving can be challenging for many […]

Give Your Home a Little Boost With These Makeover Tips

If you’ve been touring homes for sale in St. Helena, CA, you’ve probably noticed some properties feel more like home the moment you pull up to the curb and walk inside. More likely than not, the homeowners have revitalized some of their house’s interior and exterior features, giving it a fresh and stimulating atmosphere. If […]

Possible Hidden Costs to Buying a Home You Should Know About

Homeownership comes with many joys and financial perks. But investing in a new home can also include hidden costs you might forget to consider when estimating your homebuying budget. With the Napa Valley real estate market still highly competitive, it’s important to know before you start looking just what you can afford. That way, you’ll […]

Wanting to Rent A Home But You Own A Pet?

As Napa Valley real estate agents, we get asked a lot of questions that aren’t necessarily about buying into the wine country real estate market. Sometimes, people want to rent in the area before deciding which neighborhood is the right fit for them. Many of them have pets and are concerned a landlord won’t accept […]

Considering Recessed Lighting For Your Home?

When it comes to selling a property in the Napa luxury real estate market, good lighting makes good sense. As buyers compare your house to the other homes for sale in St. Helena, CA, it can be the key to helping your property stand out. One of the first things a real estate agent does […]

Tips to Keep in Mind When Preparing Your Home for Appraisal

A home appraisal is an unbiased opinion of your home’s market value. It gives potential buyers and lenders a clear picture of its worth, making it one of the most critical steps in the home-selling process. Many people mistakenly think a house appraisal and an inspection are the same. However, major differences exist between the […]

Home Improvements That Do and Don’t Add Value to Your Home

Are you getting ready to sell your Napa Valley or Sonoma house? If so, you’re probably wondering which repairs or improvements you should invest in to boost its value before putting it on the market. Not so fast! You might be surprised to learn that there are home improvements that do and don’t add value […]

Budget Friendly Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling

If you’ve been tracking homes for sale in Napa, CA, you’ve probably noticed how quickly eager buyers scoop up certain houses. And you might have wondered why they sell faster than others. One of the main reasons is that some sellers renovate or make other improvements to increase their home’s value before putting it on […]

What Does the Term “Earnest Money” Mean When Buying a Home

Have you finally found the home of your dreams? The Napa Valley real estate market is highly competitive, and it’s often the case that other homebuyers also have their eye on the house you’ve chosen. If you want the sellers to take your offer more seriously than other buyers’ and, hopefully, accept your offer, earnest […]

First Time Home Buying Tips You Should Know Pt. 2

The home-buying experience varies from person to person and day to day. First-time homebuyers can find it particularly challenging, as they face stiff competition and don’t always have the strongest credit history. You might find the meaning of real estate and mortgage terms confusing, and you might not be as familiar with the Napa Valley […]

First Time Home Buying Tips You Should Know Pt. 1

One of the most exciting parts of buying your first home is getting to tour so many beautiful houses. It’s understandable, then, why many first-time buyers skip right to that part of the home-buying process. But, as any good realtor can tell you, it’s what you do before you start searching for a house that […]

Tips on How to Stage a House Pt 2

The wine country real estate market is healthier than ever, with experts predicting an increase in inventory in the coming months and into 2022. That’s great news for people with homes for sale in Yountville CA but it also means stiffer competition. One of the best strategies for getting potential buyers to say “wow” over […]

Tips on How to Stage a House Pt 1

At any given time, there are hundreds of homes for sale in Napa, CA. If yours is one of them, staging can help it stand out in a crowded marketplace, including in the luxury real estate market. House staging is about making your home more attractive to buyers. If a realtor shows prospects three to […]

Steps to follow when deciding how much you should spend on a house

One of the most common reasons homeowners become “house poor” is they don’t realize the true cost of owning a home. It also doesn’t help that lenders often pre-approve homebuyers for a higher amount than they can realistically afford. When poring over homes for sale in St. Helena, CA, it’s essential to keep in mind […]

What you should know when prepping your home for fall

Falling leaves, rainy days, and a nip in the air—fall is here! That means it’s time to prepare your Napa Valley or Sonoma home for the winter months. As wine country real estate experts, we know what it takes to keep your home in top-notch shape, especially if you’re planning to sell in the near […]

This Year’s Fall Home Decorating Trends

Autumn is the season of cooler weather, falling leaves, and deep, rich colors. It’s the time of year when oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and earth-scented candles give everyone and everything a comfy look and feel. If you’re ready to get your home spruced up for the season, your Napa Valley real estate agent has […]

Are you thinking of selling a home you inherited?

Inheriting a property can be both rewarding and challenging. For many people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they know little about. Some choose to move into the inherited home, while others explore options like renting it out or selling it. If you’re planning to sell an inherited house in California, your real estate agent can […]

Do You Know the Difference Between Listing Agent, Selling Agent, and Seller’s Agent?

If you’re looking to jump into the real estate market whether as a buyer or a seller, it’s more than likely that at some point you’ll need the service of a real estate agent to help close the deal safely and at the best possible price. While there are many brokers you can choose from, […]

What To Think About When Looking To Buy a Home in Wildfire Territory

The Napa Valley real estate market contains some of the most sought-after properties in the country and beautiful landscapes and safe neighborhoods make for an impeccable combination. However, there are some homes for sale in Yountville CA, and the surrounding area that falls into a territory known as “Wildfire Territory”, and it is here that […]

Pros and Cons To Buying a House Next to a School

Moving to a home near a school may or may not be in your best interest, depending on what your needs and preferences are. Here are some pros and cons you should consider to decide whether or not it’s the right move for you. Pros Pro: Lower Prices If you’re moving into an area that’s [...]

Are There Benefits of Renting Out Your Home vs Selling It

There are many reasons why homeowners may choose to rent their Napa Valley real estate. It could be that they have to relocate for some time due to work commitments, but plan to return to their home at some point. Others may have wine country real estate as an investment property. Whatever the reason may […]

Do You Know What a House Appraisal Is and How Long It Can Take?

If you’re ready to purchase the wine country real estate you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll need a home appraisal to complete the process. You can ask your realtor for recommendations, or get a tip from a trusted friend or family member. But what does the process entail? Keep reading to find out! What Is a […]

What to Avoid Repairing On Your Own Before a Home Sale

As a proud DIYer (Do It Yourself-er), we know you’ve saved a bundle on fixing up odds and ends around the house to keep things running and looking their best. And if you’re preparing to put your home on the market, saving money is crucial, especially when considering moving costs, time costs, and so on. […]

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Quicker Sale

Whether it’s semi-detached or luxury estate homes, a seller’s goal is to get their home sold quickly and as close to (or higher than) the asking price as possible. The road to achieving this goal doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right tools in place, you can drastically increase your chances of selling sooner than […]

What Is the Inventory of Homes for Sale Looking Like These Days?

Are you thinking about buying or selling wine country real estate? Keep reading to better understand some important market factors that could help you decide when to make your move. Reviewing the Numbers In April 2021, the number of homes for sale in Napa CA reached 88 which is 17% lower than last year’s number […]

This Year’s Landscaping Trends

Landscaping and gardening have seen a dramatic rise in households across the country, with some common trends being shared among a majority of homeowners. Keep reading to learn more about them! More Investment Towards Landscape in Napa Valley Real Estate As many states continue to place restrictions on travel and indoor activities such as dining […]

Biggest Bang for Your Buck Renovations To Keep in Mind

Are overdue renovations preventing you from selling your wine country real estate? If you’ve been keeping an eye on the market, you know that homes for sale in Calistoga CA often get competing offers above asking their asking price, which makes it a great time to sell. But buyers often want a new-home feeling, and […]

What is the property for sale inventory like in California?

The year 2021 has become a boom period for property sellers, characterized by a limited available inventory and historically low mortgage rates. While lenders are thriving in this environment, real estate agents employ unique strategies to heighten interest in their client’s property. In Napa, CA, for example, where prime homes for sale are always in […]

What Changes did Prop 19 make for certain homeowners?

Prop 19 here in California has brought some interesting new changes for many homeowners, especially those who hold Napa real estate. Prop 19 allows property owners aged fifty-five and over, those with severe disabilities, and those who lost property in a wildfire or natural disaster to transfer their property tax rate to a new home. […]

Considering if you need a real estate agent or not?

For many Napa real estate buyers seeing a real estate agent’s commission may give a little bit of sticker shock. But there are many great reasons why these professionals are worth the money. From headaches to real estate technicalities, a good real estate agent can make sure your Napa real estate becomes a blessing and […]

Things to Think About When Buying a House 2021

When purchasing a new home, whether it’s Napa Valley real estate or any luxury real estate it’s important to have a list of all the necessities you need in a home laid out in detail. But many home buyers forget that there’s more to look at than just the house. A new property owner needs to […]

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents in Napa Valley are going to be your best friend during this frenzied year of selling property. Wine country real estate is very likely going to continue to boom throughout 2021. So if selling your property is in your immediate future it’s incredibly important to have someone who is highly educated about […]

Tips You Should Read for Reselling your Home in 2021

Napa Valley real estate is hot right now. And that means if you are looking to sell any homes for sale in Napa, CA you may have a myriad of buyers come to you quickly. But while you should be excited to sell, there are a few tips that can help make your life and […]

Some Real Estate Trends to Keep In Mind

While 2021 has already seemed like a daunting year to many, the real estate industry will likely continue to move forward at a strong pace through the rest of this year. Wine country real estate and homes for sale in Yountville, CA are in a great position to capitalize on some important trends in the […]

The Latest On Mortgage Interest Rates

The real estate market has been white hot for most of 2020 and is continuing into 2021. It’s easy to see why as mortgage interest rates have reached historic lows among other factors. Napa real estate, especially homes with larger property lines have been a prime benefactor of these conditions. Many real estate agents cannot […]

Preparing Your Home for This Winter Season

Napa Valley real estate resides in one of the best climates in the United States so maintenance on one’s home is often far less troublesome than places where it snows or has extreme temperatures. With that in mind, luxury real estate does still need maintenance no matter how amazing the weather is. Peeling paint, overgrown […]

What to Expect This Upcoming Year

2020 may have been a year to remember but 2021 will still be quite different from what was once considered “normal.” Wine country real estate and homes for sale in Napa, CA will continue to sell but the underlying issues with our economy will also continue to plague our daily lives. There’s a ton to […]

So You Think You’ve Found the Right Home?

Looking for the right home (especially if it’s your first purchase of Napa Valley real estate) can be overwhelming, to say the least. Finding a good real estate agent, searching through listings, making lists, and learning what to look for in a home takes time and effort. And if you’re interested in luxury real estate, […]

What is going on in the housing market during Covid 19?

The housing market has seen some incredible fluctuations since February but Napa real estate and homes for sale in St. Helena, CA have ridden the wave fairly well. Despite lots of bad news regarding the larger economy (in September we had almost an 8% unemployment rate in addition to uncertainty over more federal stimulus funds), […]

Home Selling Tips to Keep in Mind This Year

Selling houses like those homes for sale in Napa, CA, can greatly benefit from the sage advice of a good real estate agent. A seasoned professional will give you all the info you need to make sure your home sells for the highest price possible with the least amount of headaches. So, when you are […]

Fall trends to incorporate into your home

Fall is here and that means it’s time to welcome the warm colors and make the house cozy for the long winter ahead. Luxury real estate in Napa Valley seems made for autumn as the gorgeous colors of the vineyards are easy to “bring in” to the home. A realtor can give suggestions of how […]

Kitchen Trends to Consider This Year

The kitchen was the grand gathering place of any homes for sale in St. Helena, CA in years past, but they’ve become the absolute centerpiece of the house given the new state of our world. Hobby cooking and baking as well as socializing in the kitchen are now more commonplace and that means an inviting […]

Do you need a bigger home now that you work from home?

There are several reasons real estate’s so hot right now but the number one is that houses intrinsically become more valuable today than they were yesterday. While looking to either buy or sell your wine country real estate there are a few things to keep in mind right now. Real Estate agents are helping buyers […]

Leaving The Big City for a Quieter Neighborhood

Among the many aspects of life that our annoyingly persistent pandemic has changed, one of the most notable is how and where we work. For the first time companies are shutting down offices in droves and moving to a 100% or near 100% remote workforce. Offices are incredibly costly per head of employee, so it […]

Why Now Is a Great Time To Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, now might be one of the best times in recent memory to do so. Valuations for luxury real estate are high as buyer demand has come back after being suppressed by stay-at-home orders. Napa Valley has many high end listings that are in a prime position to move, […]

Tips To Sell Your Luxury Home Fast

If you need to sell luxury real estate and do so quickly there’s a few ways to really wow potential buyers. Homes for sale in Sonoma County are often in the luxury category and can really be in a good position to sell fast if need be. By paying attention to the little details of […]

What You Should Know About Mortgage Preapproval

When you start looking for your dream piece of Napa real estate the first step to take is to start the preapproval process. What’s that you ask? In short, it is a lender’s process on seeing what kind of home loan you can qualify for. Homes for sale in Yountville, CA are among some of […]

Patio trends for 2020

Patios and outdoor entertainment spaces are a key component of wine country real estate or any luxury real estate. These days there are a ton of options to decorate your outdoor oasis. But instead of going bland or super traditional, your luxury real estate will be absolutely complemented by outside-the-box designs. Here’s a few suggestions […]

Some Landscape Trends to Think of in 2020

Landscaping is going to be a big deal in Napa Valley real estate coming into 2020. Realtors along with property owners will be keeping an eye out for great new designs and other stand-out features to create curb appeal and increase the value of a home. 2020 has already been interesting but there’s a ton […]

Activities you typically enjoy out, now at home

Though COVID-19 has made many of our favorite activities temporarily unavailable, there are still many ways we can bring the fun of those activities home. It may not be quite the same, but we can still have a good time with the people we love. While there’s many great ways to have fun indoors floating […]

The Real Estate Market and the Coronavirus

The real estate market may be in the news a lot but there is room for some cautious optimism in light of the current pandemic. A good real estate agent in Napa can give you specific advice and direction when it comes to investing in Napa Valley real estate, but there are some general points […]

Checklist for your Spring Cleaning!

What better time to start spring cleaning than in April? Homes for sale in St. Helena, CA and any Napa real estate has the express advantage of residing in one of the most temperate climates in the world so getting outside to do a little work on the house is much more doable. With that […]

Impact COVID 19 has on the Real Estate Market

COVID-19 has brought about great changes in our day-to-day lives and the big concern of those interested in wine country real estate or are in need of realtor is: what is going to happen to real estate in our area during and after this crisis? While none can know for certain what is going to […]

Benefits to replacing your windows

Homes for sale in Yountville, CA or any luxury real estate can have the same long-term problems as any other home. One of things many people don’t consider is their windows. If you live in a charming but older home there may be some great benefits to replacing the windows on your piece of luxury […]

Things to keep in mind to avoid home improvement fraud

Home improvement fraud can absolutely happen during the springtime. With warmer weather coming, there’s a ton of projects to be done. Any owner of Napa real estate that plans on getting work done should be ready to vet the people he or she will be working with. Any realtor would absolutely agree that it is […]

Ideas and information about Home Security Systems

While Napa Valley has always been a wonderful, safe and secure place to live, there are so many vacation homes in the valley these days, security has become much more important than it was in the past. There are also many ways to protect your home, from decorative fences and carefully placed thorny plants to […]

Luxury Real Estate Trends Coming In 2020

Luxury real estate has some interesting new ideas coming up in 2020. There’s going to be a big focus on technology in both indoor and outdoor spaces. And with great Napa Valley real estate you will be doing a lot of entertaining in both areas. Open layouts that facilitate flow through the kitchen area particularly […]

Tips for Selling Luxury Homes in Napa Valley

Wine Country Real Estate in Napa is a different animal than most other real estate markets. Homes for sale in Napa CA can vary of course, but if you’re selling a luxury home, it’s going to be a different story than selling a $200,000 house in another part of the country. So here are four […]

Buying and Selling in the Winter

The wine country real estate market, just like anywhere else sometimes has a lull in the winter. But interestingly enough the winter can be an advantageous time to buy or sell your home as there’s perhaps a little more pressure on the other side to make a deal and get on with the sale. That […]

Luxury Holiday Décor

Holiday décor can come in all shapes and sizes and bringing in an elegant touch can certainly lift spirits during the winter season. Homes for sale in Napa County and homes for sale in Sonoma County are brought to life this time of year with all sorts of fantastic and unique decorations. Let’s explore some […]

Holiday Staging Tips for Sellers

  Though fewer other people are putting up their houses to be sold during the wintertime, someone who is looking to sell still wants to make sure the house in question looks warm and inviting but not over the top with holiday decorations. That being said, for luxury real estate (or any real estate for […]

Fall Décor in Napa Valley

Fall is here in Napa Valley and it’s time to get into the spirit of the season. Homes for sale in St. Helena, CA look fantastic with some great autumn themed décor and a good real estate agent can help you find a great home this harvest season. When it comes to fall decorations, pumpkins […]

Landscaping for Every Budget

Enhancing your wine country real estate’s landscape calls for a lot of planning and budgeting. However, it’s always well worth the time, effort and dollars spent getting the beautiful results you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some renovation ideas for the do-it-yourselfers, as well as those who would rather leave it to the professionals. Landscape […]

How to Stage Your House to Sell

Looking to sell your Napa Valley real estate property? Staging your house may decrease the days that it’s on the market and possibly increase the amount you sell your home for. It allows potential home buyers to see themselves as owners – paint a picture for them of what the home could look like. Here […]

Magnificent & Architecturally Distinctive Home in St. Helena

If you are seeking wine country luxury, this home may just be the answer. At 1881 Howell Mountain Road, this beauty built in 2002 is over 7,000 square feet and has the perfect 9 car garage (spanning over 3,100 feet) for those with an extensive car collection. But the size of the home is just […]

Luxurious Summer Patio Trends

As with any piece of luxury real estate, a proper back patio/entertaining area is high on the list of must-haves. Napa, Sonoma or Healdsburg real estate is simply not complete without it. And the best part is that outdoor entertaining in northern California doesn’t end in August. Oftentimes your barbecues don’t even need to end […]

Four Things That Matter to Luxury Buyers Beyond the Price

Luxury real estate buyers may have numerous options when it comes to choosing a home, but that doesn’t make their search any simpler. Here’s how most high-end clients weigh their property options. When working with high-net-worth buyers, look beyond price to these four key value drivers. Privacy and anonymity Luxury buyers don’t want strangers clamoring […]

What does an appraiser do? Part 2

Remember, an appraiser when hired by a mortgage lender to conduct an appraisal for purposes of making the load, is essentially the eyes and ears of the bank. They’re supposed to be unbiased and objective, and they will attempt to validate the contract sales price of the property (known as the “subject property”) for the […]

What Does an Appraiser do? Part 1

Their walk-through and documentation of the wine country real estate property will serve as the basis for their research to find three to six active, under contract and sold comparable sales that are in the immediate neighborhood as close to the subject property as possible. Appraisers will not inspect or check any elements in the […]

Largest 2019 Sale in St. Helena with Broker Representing Both Seller & Buyer

860 Meadowood Lane in St. Helena Integrating nature & structure, this modern estate sited on an exclusive 40 acres within the entrance to Meadowood Resort accessible by a private drive servicing only 3 additional 40+ acre luxury homes above the resort, was just sold by Gail Morgan Lane, broker/owner St. Helena Real Estate.  An incredible […]

3 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

For many people, buying a home for the first time is the largest purchase they have made in life so far. It may seem intimidating, but if you do your homework you will make the best decision for you and your family. Luxury real estate can be a fantastic investment and many homes for sale […]

4 Tips for Selling your Home

Selling a home for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience but fortunately homes for sale in St. Helena, CA  and surrounding areas have the luxury of being in one of the best housing markets in the state. There’s a lot to think about when selling your home, but these are four tips to […]

5 Backyard Features for Luxury Homes

The perfect Napa Valley real estate property comes with a long wish list. When you think of a home in wine country, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the ideal backyard to enjoy the sunny days with a glass of fine wine in hand. We handcrafted this list of 5 Backyard Features for Luxury Homes to inspire your luxury real estate dreams. 1. Al fresco [...]

5 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2019

Spring is finally here and that means spring interior design trends throughout luxury real estate are standing out and looking fabulous. We’ve put together a few that will really make your Napa real estate property shine! 1. Beautiful Textures. Beautiful textures are without a doubt one of the most important trends we have seen this […]

What’s “in” in Kitchens

When it comes to renovating a home, the kitchen is the first room we think about. It’s the entertainment space where everyone gathers for a meal or simply to chat. And luxury real estate properties showcase them in an incredible way. You can find some truly high-end kitchens throughout Napa real estate and Healdsburg real [...]

Hiring a Landscape Architect

When it comes to designing a home, we often think about what goes inside. But when dealing with luxury real estate, the outside is equally important and can add tremendous value. So, when exactly is it time to hire a landscape architect? Perhaps you want to create an outdoor oasis, increase your property value, or [...]

Tips For Packing and Moving Into A New House

By Amanda Schultz As exciting as moving into your new luxury real estate property can be, the days leading up to it can get a bit stressful. That’s because you have to get everything ready for moving day, and that means everything should be packed and all set to go by the time the moving [...]

Online House Hunting

Today, millions of homebuyers begin their search online to find that perfect luxury real estate property. Searching for homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Sonoma county is easier than ever and the Internet is a great starting place. Homebuyers are encouraged to surf the web to get an idea of [...]

Why House Inspections Matter

When on the hunt for a new home, buyers will have a checklist which determines if a property is right for them. And when they find the home that checks all the boxes of location, condition, price, etc, it’s a magical moment for the search can finally end. Imagine this: after countless time spent on [...]

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays are here and we’re celebrating this festive season with loved ones, tasty food, and chic décor. Napa Valley real estate and luxury real estate properties are looking particularly festive with all types of decorations. If you’re running a little behind, check out these quick and easy holiday decorating ideas. Use Garlands From real [...]

The Indie Broker & the Real Estate Conglomerate

Like most real estate markets around the country, California is seeing big-box real estate companies acquiring smaller independent (indie) brokerages. As the market is being more monopolized, we’re seeing this decrease in smaller brokers that are integral at diversifying the industry. And Napa real estate and Healdsburg real estate are no exceptions. We see these [...]

Why We’re Thankful for Wine Country Real Estate

With Thanksgiving creeping up, we’re taking the time to think about what we are thankful for. The topic that crosses our mind each day: wine country real estate. Harvest just ended and people are tired after working some of the longest hours all year. The holidays are coming up and everyone is stressing over gifts [...]

Showroom Garages in Luxury Homes

Photo: Amundson Photography, Mansion Global A garage is more than a place to store your car and your Christmas tree. It’s an extra room in your home so why not treat it like so? Showroom garages have the ability to give homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Sonoma County and [...]

Setting Your List Price

Have you ever had to sell anything? Perhaps it was at a garage sale or on eBay? If you have, then you know that choosing a listing price is the trickiest aspect. Overpricing can lead to no one buying and underpricing can lead to money lost. And when it’s homes for sale in Yountville CA [...]

Home Staging Ideas

It doesn’t take an interior designer to recognize a stylish house. That’s why staging can be one of the most important aspects of selling a home. Not all buyers have vision so giving them a nudge with some staged furniture can make a difference in real estate including homes for sale in Calistoga CA and [...]

List Your Home on this Day

If you’re putting up homes for sale in Napa CA, timing is crucial. Even in a seller’s market you have to play by the rules that will get you the best offers. Ask a real estate agents about the best day to list your home – they’ll most likely say it’s Thursday. The most popular [...]

Closing Costs Explained

The field of real estate can be difficult to navigate with so many technical details that the average person doesn’t have time to deal with. That’s why your real estate agent is a valuable asset. Closing costs in particular are an important term to keep in mind when on the market for homes for sale [...]

Bring Fall into Your Home

The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the breeze is a little colder. November is here, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and our homes need a little fall décor. Don’t fret, we have some the coziest way to decorate your home for fall. See how you can elevate your luxury real estate [...]

Wine Storage is Getting an Upgrade

The gloomy cellar cave in the basement is transforming into the center piece of luxury real estate properties. Napa Valley Real Estate already has a high focus on cellar rooms so expect to see the latest and greatest in wine storage throughout homes for sale in Napa CA. What makes these new rooms so different [...]

Back to Black: Decorating Tips

Black carries a certain elegance and bold quality. Yet, when looking at decorating the home with black, most people get intimidated. Yes, it’s dramatic, but it’s also sophisticated and create a great backdrop effect. Consider adding this color when browsing homes for sale in Yountville CA or Napa Valley real estate. It’s all about balance. [...]

Smart Technology for Your Garden

Having a home garden can be pretty rewarding but not all homes comes with the proper space for it. But what if you didn’t need that space? If you’re looking for homes for sale in Calistoga CA or homes for sale in Napa CA, consider smart technology to solve any garden limitations you see. These [...]

In the Market for Luxury Homes? Northern California Dominates the List

It’s no secret the Northern California is one of the most sought after places in the country to live in. With its access to the ocean, national parks, booming tech, and charming towns surrounding major cities, it’s an Eden in an already popular state. And now, according to, Northern California is dominating to list [...]

The Luxury of Walk-In Closets

It’s not uncommon to find walk-in closets in luxury homes. In fact, many would say it’s one of the essential aspects to labeling a homes as luxury. And in wine country real estate, the closet is another space to get creative in design. It’s all about details, so we’re delving into a detail that can […]

Synchronizing Your Wish List and Budget

Creating a feasible wish list for home projects means diving into the details of your budget and laying out a clear scope of work with the construction company and designers. It’s important to plan carefully when building or updating your Healdsburg real estate property or Napa Valley real estate property. Check out these tactics to [...]

Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior Designers are extremely valuable when it comes to high-end real estate properties. Designing these complex spaces requires experience, a lot of time, and vision. Homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Calistoga CA require great interior design as the area is known for high-end homes. What Does an Interior Designer [...]

Firescaping: Keep Your Property Safe

Firescaping means landscaping with fire-safety in mind. Wildfire season makes it absolutely necessary to take the proper precautions with your landscape whether it’s what plants you grow, the layout of the property, and the materials to avoid. Your real estate agent can help you find homes for sale in Rutherford CA that have proper firescaping. [...]

Keep Your Garden Fire-Safe: Plants to Avoid

With wildfires constantly on the news, it’s important to take steps towards keeping your home and property safe. Homes for sale in Yountville CA and Napa Valley real estate should make sure that their gardens take the right precautions and avoid certain plants that can increase fire danger. Plants that make great kindling are not [...]

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Summer

Summer means spending time outside and relaxing on your patio. When nighttime falls, it’s important to have lighting that reflects a natural glow and creates a calming ambiance. Luxury homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in St. Helena CA feature great lighting design that is inviting and warm. image source: Houzz [...]

Luxury Home Sales Up 25% in June

A lot has changed since 2017. One of the bigger things being luxury real estate sales. Comparing June 2017 and June 2018, sales have gone up 25%. What does that mean for luxury homes for sale in St Helena CA and homes for sale in Rutherford CA? It means they’re flying off the shelves, so [...]

Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom should be relaxing, ideal for sleeping, and a beautiful space to wake up in. Luxury real estate properties feature high-end design elements perfect for your slumbering oasis. We have a few ideas of how to elevate a bedroom space. It’s up to a high-end real estate company to find these perfect spaces. Check [...]

The Costs of Kitchen Remodeling: Countertops

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together to enjoy a good meal and where entertaining always begins. Homes for sale in Napa CA require beautiful and functional kitchens to really stand out and attract buyers. Countertops in particular are an important feature. Check out the [...]

The Costs of Kitchen Remodeling: Cabinets

When it  comes to kitchen remodels, cabinets are a focal point. The aesthetic and functionality is set by the cabinets and the material and design you choose. This is an essential aspect of homes for sale in Napa CA and require a thoughtful approach. Understand the various types of cabinet materials and installs, and the [...]

Essential Items Every Home Needs

A home is more than a shelter. It’s a place of refuge. Luxury real estate homes should include items that make the space yours. Check out what we believe your wine country real estate space needs. Art You Love Show your wine country real estate space some love and fill it with art that makes [...]

Remodeling Projects and the Real Cost

A successful remodeling project can be carried out with proper planning. When searching for homes for sale in St. Helena CA or homes for sale in Yountville CA, it’s important to have vision and an understanding of renovation costs. Uncover the real prices of high-end renovations and see how you can apply them in your [...]

Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

What defines a luxury real estate home? It’s more than the price tag. A luxury home is well thought out, functional, and beautiful. Clever storage solutions can hint that a home is more than a simple house. In your search for homes for sale in St. Helena CA, keep an eye out for spaces with [...]

Biggest Bang for Your Buck: 2018 Upgrades

Some renovations are better than others. While installing a jetted bathtub may be cool, the ROI is not so high. If you’re putting up homes for sale in Napa CA, it’s important to consider which home improvement will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out these projects that will add significant value [...]

Consider this Home For Your Getaways

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Americans have taken a moment to honor those who fight for us and therefore devote the weekend to spending time with loved ones. The extended weekend allows families to flee to their vacation homes for a small getaway. From humble lake houses to luxury real estate properties, vacation [...]

Luxury Private Pools in Time for Summer

It’s getting hotter in wine country with summer approaching and people are anxious to spend time in their backyard oasis. For those on the hunt for luxury homes for sale in Calistoga CA or homes for sale in St. Helena CA, get some inspiration from these luxurious private pools around the world. Photo: Derry Moore [...]

7 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent's Value to You With the market more competitive than ever, those putting up homes for sale in St. Helena need to consider the importance of a real estate agent. Your time and money is important so it’s good to have a qualified professional on your side. “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) [...]

European Tastes are Invading the U.S. and the Result is Luxurious

Take a stroll through Napa Valley and head north into St. Helena. What do you see? The shops, restaurants, vineyards, and homes all reflect a variety of styles. From 19th century Victorian architecture, to colonial inspired homes, to modern winery designs, this part of California boasts an impressive essence. And now, more than ever, architects [...]

Rutherford California: A Unique Wine Country Region

Beautiful Napa Valley beckons with its delightful culture, scenery, climate, history, and social life. Our setting is perfect for living, enjoying, being active, or just relaxing. The lifestyle of Napa Valley offers just about everything For the best in exclusive homes for sale in Rutherford CA, check out St. Helena Real Estate’s stunning listings – each real [...]

Stunning Entrance Halls that Inspire

The first few steps into a luxury home should inspire, awe, and maybe create a little envy. That’s why a spectacular entrance hall is a must when it comes to luxury real estate. And where can you find stunning entrance halls? Wine Country. Luxury homes for sale in Yountville, Napa, and St. Helena have this [...]

Green Living: A Luxury Home Necessity

Switching the lightbulbs to LEDs and investing in natural fiber furnishings might not be enough to convert your home to an Earth-friendly space. To be truly eco-friendly, residences can level up by a lot. 32% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by residential and commercial buildings according to the EPA. And large luxury homes can [...]

Calistoga: A Destination Town in Wine Country

Travel to the northern end of Napa to the base of Mt. St. Helena, and you’ll find Calistoga. With over 5,000 residents, this town encompasses all the charm of the past. Calistoga retains its historic feel with 19th century architecture and peaceful setting. The town is famous for its vineyards, its beauty, and of course, [...]

Healdsburg: A Small Town Treasure

Nestled into the Northern part of Sonoma, converged among the Dry Creek, Alexander, and Russian River Valleys, sits the small town of Healdsburg, CA. This town, rightfully so, has been awarded each year as one of the top 10 small towns in America. With a population of 11,000, Healdsburg is larger than many other surrounding [...]

Spring 2018 Brings the Most Competitive Market for Homebuyers

This spring season may bring a few more headaches than usual to prospective buyers looking for their dream homes. The housing market has always been stressful to consumers with rising real estate costs, low inventory, and demographic shifts. Napa Valley real estate and the general homes for sale in Napa CA are just one example [...]

Napa Valley Dreams: How to Find the Perfect Property

Over 90 percent of Napa County’s acreage is under some form of protection from development. In the past that meant safeguarding the land from commercial development. Today, it has come to include agriculture itself. This presents a dilemma for buyers looking for plantable land in the region. Adding to the predicament are new and proposed [...]

St. Helena Real Estate Launches New Website

New Website Launch: Wine Country and Napa Valley Real Estate St. Helena Real Estate is introducing their new Napa Valley real estate website to showcase a never-ending parade of magnificent, high-quality listings from all over the valley. Traversing the Valley on behalf of homebuyers seeking the elegance of a beautiful multi-story estate with sculptured landscape [...]

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