Green Living: A Luxury Home Necessity

Switching the lightbulbs to LEDs and investing in natural fiber furnishings might not be enough to convert your home to an Earth-friendly space. To be truly eco-friendly, residences can level up by a lot. 32% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by residential and commercial buildings according to the EPA. And large luxury homes can have a higher negative effect when neglecting to adhere to more green solutions. Napa real estate now more than ever is pushing buyers and sellers to invest in green amenities.

Earth Day came and went and for a brief moment, people thought about the concept of sustainability. But why not retain that concept and let it thrive in our homes? Luckily, homeowners in the luxury market are increasingly thinking of sustainability when house hunting. People searching for homes for sale in Napa CA are looking more for eco-friendly places. Napa real estate is catching up and sellers are innovating ways to stand out with green amenities.

Asa Foss, director of Residential Technical Solutions at the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, D.C, recommends a few things to keep in mind when searching for your next luxury property or major renovation. insulating or sealing the attic/roofline is an easy change that will drastically aid in keeping the temperature stable in the home. Another recommendation is to invest in solar panels. They are more affordable than ever and federal tax credit lets homeowners deduct 30% of the installation cost when bought. Finally, install a variable-speed heating, ventilation and AC system – having more than one or two motors mean more temperate and quieter home. Energy efficiency at its best. You can be sure to find Napa real estate with high-end green systems. Homes for sale in Napa CA are increasingly including more sustainable amenities.

Be Healthy, Happy, and Save

When people are considering luxury homes, they look for comfort and personal health. These changes will improve the home’s efficiency, comfort, and air quality – thus improving health. And progressive developers prefer heat recovery systems that bring filtered fresh air into the home and prevent heat escape.

More luxury home owners are seeing their energy bills cut in half by using a HVAC system. And it’s a no brainer that when we look for organic food or natural fiber clothing, we should also be looking for ways to create healthier air quality, which is done by using eco-friendly systems.

Save The Planet and Save Money

Another increasingly popular choice is a greywater filtration system which redistributes shower and sink runoff for yard irrigation. Napa real estate can definitely take advantage of this to combat the California droughts as well as the rising living costs. And How much of a difference does a green home have when looking for homes for sale in Napa CA? Well, buyers have been able to sell their homes for 20% when they include green amenities. With a newer wave of eco-conscious buyers, it’s imperative to make sure your home is sustainable. And the luxury market is where people look towards to really set the standards.

How Can We Help?

St. Helena Real Estate specializes in finding luxury homes in the Napa real estate market And with sustainability becoming more prevalent, we can help buyers find homes that meet their green standards. California is known for offering residential solutions to buyers looking to increase their eco-friendly ways and decrease their energy costs. Whether you’re looking for luxury real estate or high-end homes for sale in Napa CA, St. Helena Real Estate has access to homes from all over the Valley.

Contact St. Helena Real Estate today and receive guidance in your search for homes for sale in Napa CA. Napa real estate market is competitive. Our agents can help.

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