Patio trends for 2020

Patios and outdoor entertainment spaces are a key component of wine country real estate or any luxury real estate. These days there are a ton of options to decorate your outdoor oasis. But instead of going bland or super traditional, your luxury real estate will be absolutely complemented by outside-the-box designs. Here’s a few suggestions on how to bring together patio décor and make your space a fun spot for visitors and your family!

Outdoor kitchens

A full outdoor cooking space will bring a ton of life to your wine country real estate. These functional spaces will be the center of attention and help your property stand out amongst other pieces of luxury real estate on the market in your area.


These guys are hot right now in the state of California. These plants bring a touch of the desert to your wine country real estate and are very drought tolerant along with being low maintenance.

Hanging furniture

These things are the best! A quality hanging couch or a suspended bench brings a little bit of levity to the patio space.


Keeping lines clean along with simple designs are what’s in right now and still bring a sense of timelessness to your outdoor space. There are now many pieces of furniture that are easily found fitting that description.  Luxury real estate has really stepped into this the past few years and it brings a feeling of sublime simplicity to a patio.


This is something to note too. Lots of outdoor spaces are bringing in stripes as a theme and it’s a great theme to go along with minimalist furniture and simple outdoor spaces.


If you have a sunny piece of wine country real estate a good umbrella is a must! The high-end ones will offer a sense of luxury to your guests and are often much more user friendly than other less expensive models.

With all this in mind there’s a lot to be done for any outdoor patio. A good real estate agent will also have some good ideas and bringing your space some revamping will help brighten the mood during this summer. It’s time to get outside and start enjoying the sun!

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