Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom should be relaxing, ideal for sleeping, and a beautiful space to wake up in. Luxury real estate properties feature high-end design elements perfect for your slumbering oasis. We have a few ideas of how to elevate a bedroom space. It’s up to a high-end real estate company to find these perfect spaces. Check out our listings after viewing these bedroom tips.

Dual Function Desk

If there is space in the bedroom for a large nightstand, consider using a desk instead. This will act as both functional and stylish – depending on the desk of course. A lamp on the corner of the desk that is easy to reach from your bed will be ideal. If you’re feeling inspired to work at any time, the desk will be a perfect addition to the room. See how our high-end real estate company can help you find a spacious bedroom to accommodate this idea.

Highlight Architecture with Paint

Think different colored walls and ceilings in one bedroom. With bedrooms being usually on the top floor of a home, often times the lines of the roof dictate the shape of the space. An angled roof can be painted a lighter color while its adjacent wall may be darker. This adds drama and elegance in combination with the existing architecture to luxury real estate homes.

Industrial and Sophisticated

There’s something so luxurious about glass, cement, and steal enfolded in a natural setting. Adding these elements in a luxury real estate property can elevate the style and amaze guests. Floor to ceiling windows, steel exposed frames, and industrial lights are a popular trend we’re seeing more of. Ask our high-end real estate company for help finding this style.

Unique Storage

Custom storage units in bedrooms are a major aspect of luxury real estate. People want unique solutions for their unique wardrobes and we can agree, it adds a special element to a home. This is especially crucial in smaller bedrooms.


Whether it’s in the form of wallpaper, bedding, or flooring, patterns add interest and conversation. It helps to wake up in a room with excellent design to start the day right. Browse through wallpapers and find a pattern you love. This can be an amazing focal wall in a bedroom. Check out our luxury real estate listings for inspiration and ask the agents at our high-end real estate company for advice.

A High-End Real Estate Company with Vision

St Helena Real Estate is a high-end real estate company with an eye for design. We deal with luxury real estate properties that beam elegance and function right here in wine country. Our goal is to find your dream luxury real estate property and help you create your ideal space. Contact our high-end real estate company today and check out our listings!

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