European Tastes are Invading the U.S. and the Result is Luxurious

Take a stroll through Napa Valley and head north into St. Helena. What do you see? The shops, restaurants, vineyards, and homes all reflect a variety of styles. From 19th century Victorian architecture, to colonial inspired homes, to modern winery designs, this part of California boasts an impressive essence. And now, more than ever, architects are bringing European styles to the U.S. and the response is spectacular. This is more and more visible in homes for sale in St. Helena CA, Napa, and surrounding regions.

According to Italian architect and interior designer Piero Lissoni, when he designed for Americans 15 years ago, they just weren’t interested in European style. But now, European architects are all over the U.S. People are craving this look more and more. Blame it on globalization. But the luxury real estate market is loving it. Check out these homes for sale in St. Helena CA and note the European influences.

Mr. Lissoni points out the positive of adding these European styles to American cities. He explains how New York used to be a curtain of wall glass towers. Now, European style is adding elegance and sophistication to a once stark city.

When asked about the term luxury, he explains that real luxury is about the culture and interactions with others. A luxury home is when the investors and developers are passionate about its creation. Any real estate agent can categorize an expensive home as luxury. But it’s not just about the price tag. Walking through a true luxury property, one can feel the passion that went into building it. The home is full of light and the culture shines through every detail.

Discover European Styles Throughout Napa Valley and St. Helena

At St. Helena Real Estate, each real estate agent sees European-inspired design shine through the homes we handle. The rustic charm of Northern California vineyard properties combined with the historic elements of European design truly make our properties luxury real estate. Each real estate agent has a deep understanding of the work that went into creating these homes for sale in St. Helena CA. Get in touch with a real estate agent and learn more.

Here are just a few homes for sale in St. Helena CA and sold St. Helena properties that boast European style:


One of our homes for sale in St. Helena CA sold! Although this estate has a modern layout, the stone work resembles Italian artisan styles. This stone acts as a bold statement among a contemporary grounds.


Another sold home by our real estate agent resembles the French countryside cottages while the roof is similar to those found in Amsterdam. The manicured garden and landscape is French inspired as well.


Our most obvious European inspired home is Chateau Galatea. Out of all the homes for sale in St. Helena CA, this one is the only one we’ve found that nailed the French Chateau style. Interested? Contact the real estate agent.

St. Helena Real Estate is Your Guide to European Inspired Homes

Looking for homes for sale in St. Helena CA? Each Real Estate Agent at St. Helena Real Estate has access to luxury real estate properties that bring together classic American design with a European touch. Check out our exclusive listings featuring homes for sale in St. Helena CA. Get to know each real estate agent and contact us with any questions or interests.

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