The Costs of Kitchen Remodeling: Countertops

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together to enjoy a good meal and where entertaining always begins. Homes for sale in Napa CA require beautiful and functional kitchens to really stand out and attract buyers. Countertops in particular are an important feature. Check out the real costs of countertop remodels and the benefits of various materials.


They are the centerpiece that define function. Countertops draw the eye and set a tone for the kitchen but require durability and practicality. Affordable materials include laminate coming in at around $3000-4000 and are DIY-friendly. Modern laminates can look very good and be very durable but isn’t necessarily the preferred material in luxury homes for sale in Napa CA.

Mid-range materials include butcher block ($1700-$3100) which does require regular maintenance but can be a DIY project. Solid surface countertops ($2200-$5000) mimic the look of expensive materials but are much cheaper and resistant to scratches, burns, and damage.

High-end countertops include stainless steel ($3000-$6000) for the pro chef or modern style home being essentially indestructible however prone to smudges and scratches. Homes for sale in Napa CA will often feature granite countertops ($3100-$4500) as it’s a very desired look without much upkeep. Quartz ($5900-$14000) is a common alternative to granite or marble and doesn’t require sealing like many other tops. This is beloved in luxury wine country real estate homes. Marble ($8000-$11000) is a classic, timeless feature of homes for sale in Napa CA. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to stains and etching.

Find Your Dream Kitchen with St. Helena Real Estate

St. Helena Real Estate strives in finding you your dream home with the ideal kitchen or guiding you through the process of planning your renovation to perfect your space. In your hunt for homes for sale in Napa CA, our goal is to show you high-end wine country  real estate properties that will mold into your lifestyle.

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