Back to Black: Decorating Tips

Black carries a certain elegance and bold quality. Yet, when looking at decorating the home with black, most people get intimidated. Yes, it’s dramatic, but it’s also sophisticated and create a great backdrop effect. Consider adding this color when browsing homes for sale in Yountville CA or Napa Valley real estate.

It’s all about balance. Creating balance in a space means layering colors and contrasting dark and light elements. White and black is classic. Imagine a black sofa with a white wall, accented art, patterned rugs and other dark hues. When browsing homes for sale in Yountville CA or Napa Valley real estate, imagine this concept. Deep grays can go a long way when added to the design. Highlighting details in paneled walls and cabinets with black can work when paired with light colored floors. Deep browns or walnut coffee tables add a warm feel.

Create a strategy. If you don’t know how to begin upgrading your Napa Valley real estate, start with accessories. Think black cut glass vases or black metalwork. Perhaps you already know that you’re adding black on the wall or furniture, then balance it out with light colors elsewhere.

Add accents. Black finish on furniture such as side tables paired with rich colors or deep purples in accessories. Then balance it next to a creamy white. Create a contrast among your accented black pieces and see the bold and tasteful effect. When using black in walls or flooring, you need textures and layers. Black patchwork rug, black slate tiles, white cabinets, textured wallpaper. Giving black texture makes the space feel less dark. Imagine the kinds of designs you can create when browsing homes for sale in Yountville CA and Napa Valley real estate.

Need help finding a home that incorporates bold design? Contact us and let’s start exploring homes for sale in Yountville CA, St Helena, Sonoma, Napa Valley real estate, and more!


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