Positives and Negatives to Buying a house next to a school 

Living next to or across the street from a school comes with advantages and disadvantages. As circumstances differ from homeowner to homeowner, whether it’s the right move for you depends on many factors. If you’re currently looking at homes for sale in the Napa, CA, region, your real estate agent can help you decide whether the benefits of buying a house next to a school outweigh any drawbacks. 

Ask a Real Estate Agent: Should I Buy a House Next to a School? 

Finding a property you love is challenging under any circumstances. When you fall for one that happens to be next to a school, it could be a dealbreaker. But you might be surprised to learn that many people who buy a school-adjacent home consider it one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. 

Here’s what to consider before making an offer on a property near a school. 


Affordability. Some neighborhoods near schools have a lower cost of living, particularly when there’s a high demand for student housing. So you might be able to afford more house than you could in another neighborhood. On the flip side, you can often sell a house near a school for a higher price than surrounding homes. 

Proximity. If you have children who will attend the school, nothing could be more convenient than having them walk to class within five minutes. 

Extended time off. Schools are rarely open on weekends, close during the summer, and take several long breaks over the year.  

Safety. Neighborhoods with schools tend to have a higher police presence to keep the campuses secure. 


Increased traffic. School zones see an influx of traffic at least twice a day, and for schools without parking lots, it can get pretty backed up. And there’s always the one or two parents who don’t follow traffic and parking laws, blocking driveways and double-parking. 

Noise. School buses can add to traffic congestion and the local noise level. PA systems, bells, and alarms are also necessarily loud. 

Lights. Campuses often have security lighting that stays on all night. Stadium lights, too, can be exceptionally bright. 

Homes for Sale in Yountville, CA 

Our verdict? Living next to a school isn’t for everyone. However, if you love everything else about the house and it fills all your needs, we think you’ll love calling your local school your neighbor! 

For more tips on moving to a school-centric neighborhood or to schedule a viewing of homes for sale in Yountville or the greater Napa area, contact St. Helena Real Estate today. 


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