Buying and Selling in the Winter

The wine country real estate market, just like anywhere else sometimes has a lull in the winter. But interestingly enough the winter can be an advantageous time to buy or sell your home as there’s perhaps a little more pressure on the other side to make a deal and get on with the sale. That being said, let’s see some advantages of buying or selling homes for sale in Napa, CA for this winter.

Reasons to buy a home in winter:

  • People need buyers.

Sellers can be very motivated during the winter as they sometimes have other obligations that require a quicker sale. Homes for sale in Napa, CA are no exception.

  • You can get a better deal.

Sellers may be so in need they may also cut the price of their wine country real estate. When there’s fewer buyers, many are willing to take what they can get.

  • See how the home performs in the winter

The other thing to think about is the fact that you will see things about the house during the rainy season that you wouldn’t see during the summer. Is there a leak coming through part of the roof? Does the threshold not hold back water very well? These are things that may go unnoticed in any wine country real estate in June or July.

Reasons to sell a home in the winter

  • Year-end tax breaks

For those of you looking to move homes for sale in Napa, CA during the winter, if you can get the sale finalized before the end of the year you may have some tax benefits.

  • Winter buyers are motivated-likely have a pressing need.

Just like wintertime sellers, buyers may have a pressing need to get into a house so they may be willing to finalize a sale more quickly too.

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