Hiring a Landscape Architect

When it comes to designing a home, we often think about what goes inside. But when dealing with luxury real estate, the outside is equally important and can add tremendous value. So, when exactly is it time to hire a landscape architect? Perhaps you want to create an outdoor oasis, increase your property value, or are dealing with difficult terrain. See why and when you should hire a licensed and trained professional to really make your Napa Valley real estate and Healdsburg real estate property stand out.

You Want to Match your Landscape with your Home’s Architecture

Creating a landscape that fits the home’s design is essential in forming a unified environment. Landscape architects are skilled at not just dealing with your existing terrain, but also dealing with your home’s style. They can help create complimentary designs that will enhance your Napa Valley real estate and Healdsburg real estate property without creating competition between the inside and outside of the home.

12-landscape-napa-valley-realestate-healdsburgYou Want a Terrace or Retaining Walls

Structurally complex projects should absolutely include a landscape architect. Adding a retaining wall or terrace to your Napa Valley real estate or Healdsburg real estate may require sealed drawings for approval. Whether the law requires approvals or not, having a professional working on such a project can help you avoid headaches.

You Want to keep the Environment in Mind

If you’re looking to create a sustainable space, landscape architects are trained to do just that. From water and resource conservation to the latest in environmental technologies, creating a sustainable landscape is almost essential in luxury Napa Valley real estate and Healdsburg real estate.

You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value

Landscape improvement projects add considerable value to a luxury Napa Valley real estate or Healdsburg real estate property. And potential buyers definitely love the look. Investing in a skilled professional means investing in your home.

You Have Challenging Terrain to Work With

A steep slope or rocky wall can prove to be a challenge when trying to design your outdoor space. Such a thing requires creativity and innovation. This is where a landscape architect can come in handy. They’ll draw grading plans and submit them as part of a permit application if needed.

You Live in a Risk Area – Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Mudslides

Is your Napa Valley real estate or Healdsburg real estate property in a risky region? If your home sits in a flood plain or protected wetlands, a landscape architect should be involved in your project. For example, they may tell you to use open-celled paving grids to allow rain into the ground. If you’re concerned about fires, landscape architects know how to plan your outdoor space to decrease the risk of spread.

These are just a few reasons why a landscape architect may be a good idea when starting your next project. Hiring a professional can help you feel at peace especially with a complex job. Enhance your Napa Valley real estate and Healdsburg real estate property when you choose a landscape architect to create your perfect space.

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