Wine Storage is Getting an Upgrade

The gloomy cellar cave in the basement is transforming into the center piece of luxury real estate properties. Napa Valley Real Estate already has a high focus on cellar rooms so expect to see the latest and greatest in wine storage throughout homes for sale in Napa CA.

What makes these new rooms so different and exciting? Contemporary, sleek, see-through glass doors, with LED lights creating ambiance. These walk-in rooms showcase the wines, treating them as focal points, rather than hidden in the basement. Even those who are not wine drinkers have embraced the addition of wine storage rooms as they feel their luxury property requires such an addition.

High-end wine rooms generally start at $35,000 but can go up to $150,000 or even $1 million. Some incredible projects include a 2,700 bottle walk-in wine cellar inside a barn where the passageway was behind a bookcase. Another project in Singapore featured glassed-in wine room with palm trees. The branches were metal and bottles hung like fronds. In England, a wine cellar consisted of a stream running through it. Napa Valley real estate is no exception to luxury wine rooms.

Current wine storage solutions that include highly artistic features are considered prime selling points for homes for sale in Napa CA. Placed next to dining or living rooms, wine rooms are now designed into the space – color schemes, lighting, style, all designed to match the other rooms.

Napa Valley real estate can see the difference between these wine rooms and wine cellars. Cellars are underground usually while rooms are within living quarters. Sophisticated cooling systems, specialized glass, energy efficient LED lights create the perfect conditions for a wine room. Placing such a high-end wine room among the living quarters creates a wow factor. Showcasing an impressive collection is now easier than ever. Consider these impressive wine rooms when browsing homes for sale in Napa CA.

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