Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

What defines a luxury real estate home? It’s more than the price tag. A luxury home is well thought out, functional, and beautiful. Clever storage solutions can hint that a home is more than a simple house. In your search for homes for sale in St. Helena CA, keep an eye out for spaces with potential. Check out these creative storage solutions and see how you can implement them in your home or any Napa real estate property.

Above Window Storage

There’s usually about a foot or two above a panel of windows in average Napa real estate properties. Often a beautifully crafted shelf can be placed above with plates, pots, bowls, and more. This often can be a design feature if organized right. Keep an eye out for this solution when browsing homes for sale in St. Helena CA.

Shelves on the Backsplash

Imagine beautiful tiles covering the wall under the cabinet. Now picture a glass shelf with wine glasses on that wall. Not bad right? Every inch counts when it comes to storage and this can be a tasteful solution in Napa real estate.

Floating Shelves

In a small space, a cabinet may be clunky and can darken the room. Floating shelves, can be beautiful focal points especially if you have a stunning plate collection. Homes for sale in St. Helena CA with this feature can really stand out.

Look Up: Vertical Storage

Storage isn’t just for arms’ reach. Many luxury homes for sale in St. Helena CA feature ladders – whether it’s in a library or for cabinets in a kitchen. Store the kitchen items up high that you don’t often use (we all have that bread maker).

Bins for Clutter

Open shelves can get cluttered and messy. Use tasteful woven or cloth bins to keep the cluttered items in a confined space. Line up these bins on a shelf and you have a beautiful storage solution. Napa real estate doesn’t tolerate messes so spruce up the space fast with these.

Pull Out Pantry

This is a great concept for smaller kitchens. Easy to use and a major space saver, pull out pantries are a great addition. Napa real estate homes can use these in a variety of ways (think wine glasses).

Let St. Helena Real Estate Guide Your Search for Homes for Sale in St. Helena CA

Our real estate agents understand how hard it is to find the right space – especially with kitchens. These tips and tricks can help you envision any kitchen to work for your specific storage needs. Let us help you find your Napa real estate haven with a kitchen you are sure to love.

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