Give Your Home a Little Boost With These Makeover Tips

If you’ve been touring homes for sale in St. Helena, CA, you’ve probably noticed some properties feel more like home the moment you pull up to the curb and walk inside. More likely than not, the homeowners have revitalized some of their house’s interior and exterior features, giving it a fresh and stimulating atmosphere.

If you’d like to do the same for your home, your Napa real estate agent can help. We love sharing the tips we’ve received from interior designers, home decorators, and design enthusiasts!

Our Favorite Mood-Boosting Design Ideas for Napa Real Estate Owners

If you’ve spent the last two years scrutinizing your home and found it in need of a lift, this list of home makeover ideas is for you! Easy to accomplish and requiring little time to complete, they all have the power to transform and brighten your home.

Set the Tone at the Front Door

Make a great first impression with a newly painted front door. Red doors project personality and welcome while orange and yellow are associated with warmth and joy. If your home has a front screen door, consider getting rid of it or replacing it with a full-length glass storm door that you can insert a screened panel into.

Reimagine the Layout

More people than ever before are working from home. If you’re one of them, consider designating a room or space that’s only used for work. If your family is growing or you’re embracing a multi-generational living arrangement, think about rearranging bedroom and bathroom allocation.

Rearrange the Furniture

When it comes to arranging furniture three things matter most:

  1. Function over form
  2. Flow
  3. Balance

For instance, though two facing sofas are pleasantly symmetrical, if one is used primarily for watching TV, it’s not an ideal setup. You also want to have at least three feet of walking room between furniture pieces and visually counterbalance large pieces of furniture with multiple smaller ones.

Let the Sun In

Nothing brightens a room and lifts the spirit like natural light. Are there rooms in your home where drapes and other heavy window dressings aren’t necessary? Sheers paired with full-length panels or shades that can be raised out of sight look beautiful and allow plenty of sunlight to make its way into the kitchen, family room, and home office.


Nearly every home accumulates “stuff,” but removing and storing away a lot of it can give your home and you a more lighthearted feel. Experts suggest whittling down bookshelf clutter by 50% and adding storage options like pantries and closet organizers to keep your home and mind free from disarray.

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Want to hear more of our Napa real estate agents’ favorite “little boosts?” Contact St. Helena Real Estate today for additional home improvement inspiration!

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