Smart Technology for Your Garden

Having a home garden can be pretty rewarding but not all homes comes with the proper space for it. But what if you didn’t need that space? If you’re looking for homes for sale in Calistoga CA or homes for sale in Napa CA, consider smart technology to solve any garden limitations you see. These intelligent devices can allow you to grow plants including edible ones, right in your home.

Nthing Planty

Sleek design, WiFi-connected plant pot that self-waters automatically. Planty by Nthing is a dream come true for those that struggle to keep plants alive. You can leave your home for weeks at a time and Planty will take care of itself. An app allows you to check on the soil moisture, temperature, and water with the push of a button. When considering homes for sale in Napa CA or homes for sale in Calistoga CA, all you need is a little counterspace for Planty.

Smart Garden

If you’re looking for something capable of edible growth, the Smart Garden from Click and Grow is ideal. Its NASA inspired smart soil, built-in water tank, and grow lamp allow users to grow salad greens, veggies, herbs and flowers. Takes up a small amount of counterspace to provide vegetation all year. Homes for sale in Calistoga CA and homes for sale in Napa CA that lack garden space can definitely get great use out of this Smart garden.


Completely hydroponic featuring a climate-controlled growing chamber, automated irrigation, and energy efficient lighting, Niwa is the garden of the future. So long are the days of soil and manual labor. Simply sprinkle seeds and watch them grow.  Capable of growing fruits and veggies like strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, leafy greens, and much more, Niwa allows users to keep tabs on the garden via the app. Track and learn about growth. Consider this solution when looking at homes for sale in Calistoga CA and homes for sale in Napa CA that don’t necessarily have an outdoor garden.

Vincross Hexa

For the “extra” person in your life, Vincross Hexa is a playful spider with the haircut of desert flora. Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi created a bot that would seek out sun when needed, find shade when it got too hot, and dance when it needs water. Who knew plants could be so cute? They just needed legs.

When searching for homes for sale in Calistoga CA or homes for sale in napa CA, often we are bound by things like wanting an extra guest room, pool, or maybe garden. With so much great smart technology out there, perhaps garden is a more flexible item as now, you can bring the outdoors in.

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