What to Know About Staging Your Home 

Every seller wants a property that stands out and sells more quickly for the best possible price. It can be particularly challenging in the luxury real estate market, where competition remains tough despite the upheavals the rest of the market has recently seen.  

At St. Helena Real Estate, we know from experience that staged homes sell faster and get more money. In fact, staging your Napa or Sonoma Valley home can increase what a buyer’s willing to offer by up to 15 percent. It can also get you multiple offers, as most luxury real estate buyers want a move-in-ready property.  

Luxury Real Estate Home Staging that Sells 

Potential buyers form their opinion of your home the moment they walk through the door. Staging highlights your home’s strengths and helps it appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers. 

Staging strategies with the most impact include: 

Create a Neutral Canvas 

Good staging appeals to the largest number of buyers, emotionally engaging them in your home. Choosing a fresh and neutral palette creates symmetry throughout the house and provides balance and serenity to viewers. If you haven’t already, remove old carpeting and rugs and invest in quality hardware floors. They always add elegance and value to a home and appeal to nearly everyone. 

Updated Lighting 

Standard big box or outdated lighting will not wow in the luxury market. Replace heavy, dated, and obtrusive fixtures with ones that offer consistent, soft, and brighter illumination. 

Control Clutter 

It’s best to remove as much clutter as possible, including personal mementos and family photos. You want buyers to be able to visualize the space as their home. 

Pare Down 

It’s often more beneficial to remove items, including furniture pieces, instead of bringing more in, as it creates a spacious feel. Pulling furniture away from walls can also make rooms look larger. 

Clean It Up 

A clean home tells buyers your house has been well taken care of. Remove litter boxes, get rid of dried flower arrangements, and make sure appliance and counter surfaces are spotless. 

If you want your home staging efforts to achieve optimal results, working with a real estate agent who specializes in luxury real estate can help you set your home apart from the others on the market. 

Talk to a Real Estate Agent at St. Helena Real Estate Today 

Ready to stage your Napa or Sonoma Valley home before it goes on the market? Talk to one of the real estate agents at St. Helena Real Estate. We have extensive experience in helping clients find the right home staging strategies that present their properties in the best possible light. To learn more about all the luxury real estate services we offer, in the greater Napa area, contact us today. 


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