Luxurious Summer Patio Trends

As with any piece of luxury real estate, a proper back patio/entertaining area is high on the list of must-haves. Napa, Sonoma or Healdsburg real estate is simply not complete without it. And the best part is that outdoor entertaining in northern California doesn’t end in August. Oftentimes your barbecues don’t even need to end until mid-October! So, here are five trendy ideas for you to spruce up your luxurious outdoor summer patio.

  1. Upcycle what you have

There are many things likely laying around your yard you can re-purpose. Oftentimes those things end up being wood pallets or cinder blocks. With cinder blocks one can often make chic benches with simple 2x4s and some good cushions. Wood pallets can often end up repainted and become great hanging garden holders.

  1. Fire pit

To go along with your bench a gas or wood fire pit would be a big hit with your guests. A proper fire pit adds panache to any backyard occasion and letting the kids roast marshmallows and the adults enjoy wine and good company late into the night is always a great idea.


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  1. Hanging flowerpots and lanterns

Tastefully done, hanging flowerpots will give an added bit of flare to your patio but the lights are also quite a big necessity. Even old-fashioned incandescent bulbs can add to the mood of a great piece of Healdsburg real estate.

  1. Hanging benches

A hanging bench would be another great addition to your luxury real estate. A free-swinging bench adds another element of charm. Couple it with few great lightly colored throw pillows and you have yourself another great feature!

  1. Adirondack chairs

These chairs never go out of style and a couple of good whitewashed ones will add infinitely to your Healdsburg real estate or any piece of luxury real estate in wine country.

Healdsburg real estate or any luxury real estate needs the proper accoutrements and any of these ideas will do you just fine. Don’t be afraid to be creative especially with upcycling older materials. Sometimes the best asset to your patio is literally in your own backyard!

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