5 Backyard Features for Luxury Homes

The perfect Napa Valley real estate property comes with a long wish list. When you think of a home in wine country, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the ideal backyard to enjoy the sunny days with a glass of fine wine in hand. We handcrafted this list of 5 Backyard Features for Luxury Homes to inspire your luxury real estate dreams.


1. Al fresco Dining: The best thing to compliment your magnificent local bottle of wine is a fabulous food. That is precisely why al fresco dining is vital to your Napa Valley real estate. Enjoy local cuisine in your full outdoor kitchens which have become a significant trend (and a must) in lux backyard designs. Enjoy the California sun while entertaining friends and loved ones and feasting elegantly in your backyard.

2. Outdoor Bar: Outdoor bars have become a popular addition to backyards, especially in Napa Valley. What better compliment to your outdoor dining than an outdoor bar? With the perfect entertainment space, eat and sip the night away with your friends and family in your luxury real estate property.

3. Edible Garden: Whether you have a green thumb or want the option to grow, an edible garden is a great addition to any Napa Valley real estate home. The weather is perfect for growing fresh produce and enjoying family time (or alone time) in your garden. Luxury real estate properties with the space to for an expansive garden can be very attractive to buyers.

4. Outdoor Art: Luxury real estate homes are filled with artwork indoors, but why not include them outdoors too? Just imagine how interesting your Napa Valley real estate property will look with some creative art. Sculptures, murals, and garden art can really elevate a backyard.

5. Mirrors: If you do not have the biggest backyard, mirrors are a very inexpensive way to duplicate the amount of space you have visually. Mirrors not only add depth to a backyard, but they also brighten and lighten the entire ambiance of your luxury real estate property.

Inspired to elevate your backyard? If you’re looking for that perfect outdoor space, contact St Helena Real Estate and discover your dream home. Our exclusive listings offer unique spaces with incredible backyards that will be your home’s highlight. Enjoy sunny California weather, explore your green thumb, and entertain in your perfect yard.

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