Why We’re Thankful for Wine Country Real Estate

11-thankful-wine-country-real-estateWith Thanksgiving creeping up, we’re taking the time to think about what we are thankful for. The topic that crosses our mind each day: wine country real estate. Harvest just ended and people are tired after working some of the longest hours all year. The holidays are coming up and everyone is stressing over gifts and preparations. So, let’s take a moment to smile and be thankful for living in this piece of heaven called Northern California.

Nature and the Terrain

It’s the mountains surrounding the valley. It’s the glistening bodies of water throughout the land, and it’s the wooded forests that hold endless life and beauty. Yes, Northern California’s terrain is something else and wine country real estate properties are nestled in the middle of all of it. Strolls and hikes through these natural wonders are never ending and can truly bring one peace.

Location, Location, Location

Ever wondered how far wine country sits from some of the most magnificent regions of California? The answer? Not far at all. Lake Tahoe and Yosemite average 3 hours away while the Pacific Ocean is just a 1 hour drive. Historic San Francisco and the booming Silicon Valley are another 1-1.5 hours away. Looking for a beach getaway? Monterey and Carmel-By-The-Sea are just 3 hours away. Don’t feel like driving at all? Then sit tight because wine country real estate properties in Napa and Sonoma have everything you could ever need.

Locally Sourced Food and Wine

Restaurants throughout Napa and Sonoma follow a farm-to-table methodology that provides customers with fresh local ingredients so you can eat and feel guilt-free knowing you’re helping your local community. It’s true. And wine country real estate is obviously given this name because wineries fill the region – when you drink local wines, you’re supporting local businesses. It’s the right thing to do so eat, drink and be merry!

A Flourishing Artist Community

We surround ourselves with local artists in the form of winemakers, chefs, painters, architects, and more right here in wine country. People travel from all over the world to come here and perfect their craft. We’re inspired by these artists and it’s a big reason why wine country real estate attracts so many.

At St. Helena Real Estate, we have found our beautiful moments among the valleys and hills of Napa and Sonoma. And we want to show you that same beauty through our wine country real estate properties. From all of us here at St. Helena Real Estate, Happy Thanksgiving!

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