The Luxury of Walk-In Closets

It’s not uncommon to find walk-in closets in luxury homes. In fact, many would say it’s one of the essential aspects to labeling a homes as luxury. And in wine country real estate, the closet is another space to get creative in design. It’s all about details, so we’re delving into a detail that can be majorly upgraded.

A walk-in closet is a statement and its design shows that attention to detail that can truly make an elegant home worth it. If you own items in your closet that you’re proud of, don’t you want to show them off? Don’t they deserve a high-end shelf display just as fine China in a dining room?

What are people adding to walk-in closets in their luxury real estate? Anything from TVs, to vanities, to cosmetic refrigerators, coffee makers, jewelry drawers and safes. Even people without a lot to show off can appreciate the organization. So long are the days of dumping your belongings into a small closet. Now are the days of high-end organization that will leave you with peace of mind. Luxury real estate should be a stress free environment.

Your closet is a reflection of you and your personality. Or at least that’s how interior designer Kari Whitman sees it. Your collection of band shirts or vintage couture have meaning.

To many fashion forward people, the closet is the workspace. Those who put time into fashion deserve a space to properly spend it. A center island with drawers can easily become a desk. And when it comes to being limited to a smaller space, creative storage solutions are just as impressive.

In the end it’s about finding balance throughout your whole luxury real estate property and that includes the closets. If you’re in the market for luxury real estate properties that offer such a create storage solution, contact St Helena Real Estate today.

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