Showroom Garages in Luxury Homes


Photo: Amundson Photography, Mansion Global

A garage is more than a place to store your car and your Christmas tree. It’s an extra room in your home so why not treat it like so? Showroom garages have the ability to give homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Sonoma County and edge over the competition.

If the whole home beams high-end design, why shouldn’t the garage too? Luxury living has found its new trend and it’s the transformation of the garage. This can be anything from decking out the storage spaces and showcasing collectible cars, to including man caves and workout rooms. For some buyers looking at homes for sale in Napa Ca or homes for sale in Sonoma County, the garage is just as important and the kitchen or great room. Picture something as gorgeous as the living room but with a car in the middle.

And it’s definitely about staying organized. No time should be wasted when looking or something in the garage. Showroom garages have a certain order that leads to efficiency and create a stress-free environment. If you’re handling high-end homes for sale in Napa CA, and homes for sale in Sonoma County, expect buyers to have collectable items such as cars that deserve to be displayed properly. Almost in a museum-type fashion, your garage should hold exhibits.

Garage design firms specialize in building custom, luxury garages. People can spend anything tens or hundreds of thousands on redesigning their space. Home owners have created garages with glass features, car risers, mood lighting, displays for collections, and high-end speaker systems.

And what is the added value when taking into consideration homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Sonoma County? Well, it depends. For homeowners, the value is dream fulfillment. For buyers, it’s about creating the same level of luxury throughout the whole home including the garage. Luxury homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Sonoma County can benefit from showroom garages to appeal to the luxury homebuyer.

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