7 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent’s Value to You

With the market more competitive than ever, those putting up homes for sale in St. Helena need to consider the importance of a real estate agent. Your time and money is important so it’s good to have a qualified professional on your side. “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) means risking a lot so think about these factors next time you see homes for sale in St. Helena.

Knowledge. Knowledge is power and a real estate agent has the proper education and qualifications to handle the market. And especially when it comes to understanding luxury real estate homes for sale in St. Helena, you want a real estate agent who knows their stuff.

Time. In the real estate market, time is everything. Sellers just don’t have the proper time to play real estate agent. It’s a full-time job and you have other things to worry about – like your actual job, family, and life. What’s your opportunity cost of giving up your time? Can a seller quickly respond to buyer concerns or have time to find solutions to property obstacles? Homes for sale in St. Helena are especially time-sensitive properties as the area is heating up.

Presentation. This is where a keen eye for design and style come in. Can a seller objectively step back and judge their home? Can they give it the proper design boost to gain attraction? Think about professional photos, drone imaging, videos, 3D tours? Luxury homes for sale in St. Helena now require most of these elements and a real estate agent can provide these.

Marketing. Finding the target buyers and how to reach them – a major FSBO challenge. Do these sellers have access to specific buyers, listing services, home sale databases? A real estate agent can help with all these, including offering analytics, social media promotions, and appropriate print media solutions. Real estate agent networks are strong and connected. Whose your target for homes for sale in St. Helena?

Negotiation experience. The sellers get the offer. What happens next? A real estate agent can gauge the situation and determine if they should go higher: push the price a little, but not too hard. As mentioned, the market is hot right now – are sellers ready to deal with a bidding war? And if you’re looking for homes for sale in St. Helena, it’s even more crucial to have a real estate agent to mediate this.

Inspection and repair. This is a tricky one. Say a buyer is looking for homes for sale in St. Helena. They’re going to expect proper inspections. Does the seller know what’s next? Do they have reliable resources of repair people? It’s important not to get lost between a repair and a complete renovation for your potential buyer. That’s where you can lose a lot of money.

Transaction management and closing finesse. Sellers dealing with luxury homes have to consider the risk here. What if a buyer has shady finances? Who will handle the closing? What about challenges surrounding appraisals, contract prices, home inspection derails? And when a seller closes, what are the details? Move-out dates, last-minute issues, moving damages?

At St. Helena Real Estate, we support for homes for sale in St. Helena and surrounding areas. Contact a real estate agent and see how we can help. Browse homes for sale in St. Helena, Napa, and more.

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