Checklist for your Spring Cleaning!

What better time to start spring cleaning than in April? Homes for sale in St. Helena, CA and any Napa real estate has the express advantage of residing in one of the most temperate climates in the world so getting outside to do a little work on the house is much more doable. With that in mind, here’s a checklist of some important parts of your Napa real estate or any home that could use looking at during your spring cleaning.

Check irrigation

Here in California irrigation is going to be very important for most homes for sale in St. Helena, CA. Make sure sprinkler heads are pointing where they need to be and look for leaks. Napa real estate is often a good look for drought tolerant landscaping.

Check Air Conditioning

Summer is almost here and it can get toasty, especially where many homes for sale in St. Helena, CA are located. Be sure to have you’re A/C properly serviced and all filters cleaned before the rush in the next few months.

Clean your windows!

This is something many people forget to do during the year. By cleaning your windows you’ll make your home feel more welcoming and many pieces of Napa real estate can be done in just a day or two.

Do a little repainting and resealing

After a year of getting beaten up by the elements it would behoove any homes for sale in St. Helena, CA to check if any wooden fencing or other wooden fixtures could use a new coat of paint.

Clean up while making these little improvements

By doing little bits of cleaning as you go around the house and marking junk that can be thrown away or donated you’ll cut down on your work substantially. Don’t let a bunch of little things get you down while making improvements!

Maintain those gutters and the roof

Gutters around the home are incredibly important as they make sure runoff goes where it needs too. So that means getting up there (or having a professional get up there) and clean all the leaves and muck out of the gutters so they can keep doing their job. Also, making sure the singles on roof are not chipped, missing or showing signs of wear will keep you from having large problems later. Roofing professionals can sometimes give quotes just from smartphone photos saving you time and money!

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