Napa County Real Estate Market Update

 The Napa County real estate market continued to be strong overall this past year! Our little slice of heaven had a slight price increase even though combined with Sonoma and Mendocino there was a 4.31% decrease. However, our county is expected to hold fast this year and possibly even gain a little. Napa County in particular saw a 1.5% increase in prices over 2018 showing how steady our market is.

Most luxury homes were still getting 87% of the original asking price with the overall county getting 91% of what was initially asked for. Napa County real estate is most competitive down in the city of Napa where 51% of the available housing inventory is. That area actually had a slight increase in value with a 6% increase in prices in December 2019 over the same month the previous year.  But home prices are still substantially higher in the upper Napa Valley’s popular towns of Yountville and St. Helena and there is still more demand for real estate than there is supply. Ask you local St Helena realtors  over at Connie and Jamie and they can show you what is currently out there.

Napa county real estate, even more so than most areas around the country, continues to be competitive with mortgage rates consistently staying low. Napa Valley realtors are still busy selling and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. With our great weather and strong local economy Napa County real estate will continue to chug right along. We pride ourselves on superior service, so give our team a call when you’re ready to make our wonderful valley your home!

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