Do you need a bigger home now that you work from home?

There are several reasons real estate’s so hot right now but the number one is that houses intrinsically become more valuable today than they were yesterday. While looking to either buy or sell your wine country real estate there are a few things to keep in mind right now. Real Estate agents are helping buyers look for a larger home so they have more room for a home office or for distance learning right now.

Current Home Sales

Homebuyers in Napa & Sonoma Valleys are searching for and buying larger homes both in and around wine country real estate as the pandemic drags on. National sales of homes between 3k and 5k square feet were up 21.2 percent this July from last July. Prior to the pandemic, most 2nd home buyers here were looking for smaller main residences with a guest house and a 2nd dwelling if the zoning allowed both.

Why Look For A Larger Home Right Now

Now that so many people have been forced to spend much of their time at home, buyers are asking their real estate agent to look for larger homes with open space. They need home offices, places for children to work from home and a lot of outdoor space and activities. Families are spending more time together than ever and they need space. While it certainly has it’s upside, it can also be a little too much togetherness.

A huge majority of wealthy city dwellers are selling their main residences and buying wine country real estate and moving to areas like Napa and Sonoma Valleys. These buyers are paying anywhere from 2-15 million for large estates and they plan to stay. They want all the comfort they can get from working at home, keeping kids entertained from home and staying as isolated as possible until this pandemic is over.

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