What You Should Know About Mortgage Preapproval

When you start looking for your dream piece of Napa real estate the first step to take is to start the preapproval process. What’s that you ask? In short, it is a lender’s process on seeing what kind of home loan you can qualify for. Homes for sale in Yountville, CA are among some of the most desired pieces of property in the state, so making sure you know where you stand before looking around will help you narrow your search.

When you look to get preapproved for a home loan a lender will look at your debt to income ratio and several more questions before you get started. They may also check your credit. While having someone pull a credit report on you may knock down your score a few points, if you start looking for Napa real estate or homes for sale in Yountville, CA you likely won’t see a huge problem with your score going forward. Be sure to actually apply for said loans within thirty days though as your score may get docked after that. However, once you apply for a loan to purchase homes for sale in Yountville, CA there is no specific guarantee that you will qualify for a loan. By making sure your ducks are in a row beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of headache when purchasing your Napa real estate or any of the spectacular homes for sale in Yountville, CA. Be sure to be in touch with your agent regarding the financing of your Napa real estate, especially if you are asked to pay any fees before being preapproved.

That being said, your new Napa home will be worth the wait. Our valley has some of the most prized real estate in California and is more than a lovely place to live. Preapproval and underwriting may sound intimidating words but by going through the right process you can get into the home that’s best for you. With fantastic weather and close proximity to the larger Bay Area it’s no wonder that Napa Valley is incredibly popular and will remain so for decades to come!

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