How to Stage Your House to Sell

Looking to sell your Napa Valley real estate property? Staging your house may decrease the days that it’s on the market and possibly increase the amount you sell your home for. It allows potential home buyers to see themselves as owners – paint a picture for them of what the home could look like. Here are some tricks of the trade to help guide you.

Stage top priority rooms first

The top three spaces to stage first and foremost in your home for sale in St. Helena CA or home for sale in Napa are the living room, master bedroom and kitchen – any other rooms are extra. If you haven’t moved your furniture into your new home yet, you’ll want to move at least half of it to a storage unit to make the rooms appear larger. If your furniture isn’t showroom-ready, consider renting furniture to take its place. Since staging your home can cost money, you want to make sure you put the most effort in these rooms, because they’re top priority.

Furniture arrangement

Now that you’ve decided on what furniture to style the home with, it’s time to stage those pieces. Tables, chairs and couches should be moved away from the walls, this is called “floating”, it helps create more space and make the room seem more inviting. Adding a nice area rug to the room, gives an intimate feel, which helps those viewing it picture themselves living there with family and friends.

De-personalize your house

This may make living in your home for sale in St. Helena CA a little awkward for the time being, but it will help accomplish the task of prospective home buyers imagining themselves living there. Remove any personalized items from view; pictures from the walls, shelves, or refrigerator and clear off all counter spaces of items like toothbrushes, shavers, makeup, etc. Make sure all your clothes are put away and the only décor that is showing is more generalized and neutral. You want your Napa Valley real estate to still be elegant and appealing but tailored towards the potential home buyer.


Another way to create and enhance your space is to remove any clutter. Much like removing any personal decorations like photos or children’s art pieces, you’ll want to box up any extra possessions and store them outside of the house to appeal more to those you’re showing your home to.

staged-houseClean, Patch Work, and Repairs

Home buyers want to see a well taken care of home and property, so after you’ve decluttered, you’ll want everything from the ceiling to the floors and every corner in between to be spic and span. Dust the blinds, deep clean the fridge, oven and baseboards. Patch up and paint over all holes, scratches and any other impurities.

Remove any pets before each showing, vacuum and clean any area they’ve touched, and open the windows to air out the house to ensure there’s not any odor left behind. Candles and air fresheners can also risk triggering allergies, so be mindful of using.

Freshen up the Curb Appeal

With the exterior of the Napa Valley real estate property being the first sight prospective home buyers see, you’ll want to make sure the whole property is top notch. Lawn mowed, flowers planted, house and walkways power-washed, overgrown plants trimmed, weeds pulled, windows, welcome mat and outdoor furniture cleaned.

Lighting is Essential

Open any blinds and curtains before each showing to brighten each room. Wipe down your lampshades and dust the bulbs to ensure the most light comes through. Replace any old or burned out fixtures and change warmer colors to whiter fixtures to create more daylight.

Your real estate agent will be a great guide to help stage your Napa Valley real estate property, any changes to make and any way to add even more value to your home to charm those who come for the viewings. They might suggest showcasing fresh flowers in the living room, hanging clean folded towels in your bathroom, or even assorting freshly baked cookies or fresh fruit on the kitchen counter. Once you’ve followed their advice and spruced up your home for sale in St. Helena, CA or Napa, CA by staging it, you can sit back, relax, and wait for those potential home buyers to come by and see your beautiful home.

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