Landscaping for Every Budget

Enhancing your wine country real estate’s landscape calls for a lot of planning and budgeting. However, it’s always well worth the time, effort and dollars spent getting the beautiful results you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some renovation ideas for the do-it-yourselfers, as well as those who would rather leave it to the professionals.

Landscape Curbing not only provides your yard with a tidy border, but also keeps flowerbeds and other features from spreading and killing your grass. Concrete and brick will last longer and need fewer repairs, than metal, which is easier to move, but over time will rust. Project price range: $330-$2,600.

Rocks and mulch will lower maintenance cost and time on those weed-infested or unused parts of your yard and give it a tidy look and feel. River rock is great for transforming old flowerbeds, as well as using boulders or larger rocks to create a central point of your yard. For those functioning flowerbeds, wood chips or cypress bark adds a great refreshing touch. Project price range: $136-$2,020.

Flowerbeds enhance your wine country real estate’s landscaping visual appeal. Planting flowerbeds provides picturesque views around the outside of your yard, as well as enriching structures like pergolas and patios. Project price range: $1,000-$3,000.

9-19 flowerbeds-landscapingPavers are patterned bricks that come in a diverse range of shapes and styles, like herringbone and cobblestone, designed for stunning walkways around your luxury real estate’s garden and yards. They can also be used to construct a small charming patio to complement your newly renovated yard. Project price range: $490-2,880.

Retaining walls not only avoid erosion, but they also give an artistic focal point and expand your yard. Cost and vision of your landscaping will determine which materials you end up using, but the retaining walls can be built from multiple materials, including metal and boulders. Project price range: $1,200-$13,000.

New fencing is also a great attention-grabbing background for retaining walls and flowerbeds. Metal or chain link fences are the most cost effective, with wood, vinyl and aluminum at higher prices. Depending on the aesthetic feel of your house, you do have multiple choices to bring about the vision you are creating. Project price range: $430-$8,000.

Water features like pond-less waterfalls or fountains supplements a relaxing and nature-esque touch to your luxury real estate. Integrating water features within your hardscape or swimming pools also adds great design to any yard. Project price range: $3,000-$10,000+.

Outdoor living areas are normal add-ons for luxury real estate landscapes. Whether they are large patios, fire pits, entertainment areas with TVs and sound systems, or outdoor kitchens, these outdoor living spaces truly enhance every yard. Depending on what you choose, the project may involve extensive construction for running utilities, structural work and excavation. Project price range: $10,000-$30,000+.

Any landscaping project for your wine country real estate property may require professionals. They are trained, have the tools and experience needed to guarantee your project is designed and executed how you dream of, within the budget you discussed. But whether you take it on yourself, or hire a pro, any of these projects will bring a great addition to your luxury real estate.

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