5 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2019

Spring is finally here and that means spring interior design trends throughout luxury real estate are standing out and looking fabulous. We’ve put together a few that will really make your Napa real estate property shine!

1. Beautiful Textures. Beautiful textures are without a doubt one of the most important trends we have seen this Spring season and a must in luxury real estate. Why is texture so important? Texture adds an extra element of reality to your interior design. Texture can be felt and experienced, which adds an extra elevated element to your personalized home. So when you are planning your design for your Napa real estate home, keep in mind that this look is all about creating a cozy and comfortable feel, mix your textures and don’t be afraid to embrace this physical element. The reason why we have noticed that physical and beautiful textures are a theme throughout luxury real estate designs in spring 2019 is because of raw materials. Raw materials, such as galvanized steel or natural woods, add a relaxed aesthetic to your interior design. Texture adds an additional earthy feel to your Napa real estate home which can be quite cool.

design-trends-napa-real-estate2. Mustard Colors. We know what most of you are thinking, “Yuck! Mustard yellow will never be a hip color to use for interior design.” But this Spring season, we are going to change your mind. In fact, mustard-colored hues have been the go-to color for warm season luxury real estate designs. The warmness of the mustard color compliments any summer day beautifully. Larger and bolder pieces of furniture that are mustard yellow have accentuated many homes this Spring 2019 season. Mustard yellow is a quite versatile color that works beautifully with other colors, such as teal, indigo, crisp white or light pink. Consider this choice when designing your Napa real estate property.

3. Open Shelving. Hiding your things and tucking them away in cabinets and cupboards is no longer the fashion fad of the Spring 2019 season. Open shelving adds openness to any room in the house. Luxury real estate thrives on this. Why purchase such beautiful items if you are not able to proudly display such objects. Open shelves in a small space do wonders to, creating the illusion of a bigger room. Open those shelves and be proud of the items that make your Napa real estate home.

4. Mid-Century Style. Mid-century style architecture and interior design take inspiration from roughly 1945 to 1975 and make it modern. There is no denying that the unique look of the 50s is found everywhere today. Interior designers who can truly appreciate a minimalist design love the sleek lines and flavorful colors from a mid-century modern luxury real estate property. Cool shapes and limited colors make exactly what is in the Spring 2019 season.

5. Mix and Match Patterns. Do you love funky designs? Have you ever been discouraged to not embrace your unique pattern because it will “clash” in your luxury real estate property? This is the time to let those patterns fly! This type of design taste is kind of the opposite of a minimalist look – but patterns are definitely super in the Spring season. A combination of different patterns can complement one another in a glorious way in your Napa real estate home.

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