Some Landscape Trends to Think of in 2020

Landscaping is going to be a big deal in Napa Valley real estate coming into 2020. Realtors along with property owners will be keeping an eye out for great new designs and other stand-out features to create curb appeal and increase the value of a home. 2020 has already been interesting but there’s a ton left to go and this year will have some great trends. Napa Valley real estate is going to have some great options with our fantastic weather and any local realtor is likely to remain busy. With that in mind, let’s look into three great new trends to keep an eye out for during 2020!

Blue is in!

Right now different shades of blue are going to be in this year. Blue plants and flowers are going to be at the top of the list such as grape hyacinth, hydrangea and blue fortune. By using water features you can continue to focus on the blue theme and keep the calm and cool vibe going in the outdoors. A unique outdoor space with subtle blue landscaping may catch the eye of a discerning realtor in the valley.


With the advent of the farm-to-table movement gardening is becoming more and more prevalent. Nowadays folks are using gardens for their favorite produce and vegetables rather than just flowers. People are also looking to create hanging gardens or vertical gardens with containers to make the most of their outdoor space. With such a great climate, Napa valley real estate will be a prime spot for folks to do their backyard gardening!

Geometric Hardscaping

Using hard materials and putting them into interesting shapes will also be a thing in 2020. Napa Valley real estate would definitely be an eye-catcher with lattices or chevrons weaved into the landscape. Walkways and fire features would be a great place to look into having these kinds of shapes on your property.

There are a ton of options for landscaping in our great valley. A Napa realtor will tell you that there’s all sorts of different and unique ways to make your Napa Valley real estate stand out amongst the herd. So bring your creative side and make your home truly yours this summer!

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