Fall trends to incorporate into your home

Fall is here and that means it’s time to welcome the warm colors and make the house cozy for the long winter ahead. Luxury real estate in Napa Valley seems made for autumn as the gorgeous colors of the vineyards are easy to “bring in” to the home. A realtor can give suggestions of how to decorate if you are looking to sell at this time, but we have a few trends listed below to help get you started bringing the warm colors of fall home!

Make Yourself a Cozy Nook

Use hardwood or other natural materials along with a comfortable chair to create a nice little space to enjoy your coffee and a book. Luxury real estate would benefit from this sense of charm and a realtor would view it as a positive.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Subtle single-color setups are having their time in the sun right now. A realtor would tell you that by keeping mild color palettes like those on your couch matching, it adds a certain calmness and orderliness that one wouldn’t get otherwise. A piece of luxury real estate may benefit from light gold or other warm tones that can remind a new owner of the calming vines close by.

Fall Foliage in the Home

Even if it’s a faux plant, having an arrangement of gold, red, and light brown leaves and twigs can bring a relaxing sense of autumn home. Many a realtor have stories on how pieces of luxury real estate can pop out to a buyer when a well-decorated home comes across his or her path.

Texture and layering

Textured throw rugs, large knit pillows, and other fuzzy additions can make a house truly feel like home, especially with cool autumn days upon us. Velvet and other feel-good fabrics can also keep spirits high when “indoor time” starts becoming “most of the time.”

Autumn is the time of year when Napa Valley real estate shines. The cooler temperatures plus the fantastic foliage make the entire valley welcoming and inviting to all. Napa is going to be at the top of the list for luxury real estate in California for decades to come, so be sure to give us a call when you are looking to buy your forever home or sell your property to a lovely new owner!

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