Luxury Real Estate Trends Coming In 2020

Luxury real estate has some interesting new ideas coming up in 2020. There’s going to be a big focus on technology in both indoor and outdoor spaces. And with great Napa Valley real estate you will be doing a lot of entertaining in both areas. Open layouts that facilitate flow through the kitchen area particularly will be of note as will be natural looking finishes outside the home. Making luxury real estate less generally opulent and more welcoming will be more the trend than not.

Smart appliances in luxury real estate will also be in the forefront. Digital showers that can automatically adjust temperature, lighting and music will be something to consider as well as smart thermostats that one can control on their phone are becoming more popular along with high end appliances like smart refrigerators that can let you know what foods you are low on. Luxury Napa Valley real estate also may include things like smart lighting controlled by phone or other voice commanded delights like the ability to raise and lower sunshades.

Indoor/outdoor living will also come to the forefront for luxury real estate. The ability to entertain in both spheres is becoming increasingly valuable. So things like outdoor wet bars and outdoor kitchens may grace new Napa Valley real estate. More active and multi-use spaces are going to come to the forefront in this sector of the real estate market. Home theaters will continue to be prevalent as well as movie night never goes out of style. Things like resort-style pools and sport courts of any kind will also become more popular along with more privacy oriented amenities to keep wandering eyes from peering over the fence.

Not many other areas can compare with Napa Valley real estate. With the fantastic weather and homes that can rival any other piece of luxury real estate, you can easily see why so many people have property here. Napa Valley is at the pinnacle of luxury wine country living and with its proximity to the bay area and sheer natural beauty it will continue to be for years to come.

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