Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Quicker Sale

Whether it’s semi-detached or luxury estate homes, a seller’s goal is to get their home sold quickly and as close to (or higher than) the asking price as possible. The road to achieving this goal doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right tools in place, you can drastically increase your chances of selling sooner than later.

Be Objective Rather Than Subjective 

For some homeowners, the emotional attachment they develop towards their property can impact important decisions they make regarding pricing or how they plan to model the home. Unfortunately, this subjective approach can skew the reality of the situation and result in setting the price too high and losing out on potential offers. While it may be difficult, make sure to remove emotions and take an objective approach when making these important decisions.

Make Your Home Less Personal for Showings

Open houses and showings are meant to give prospective buyers a chance to visualize their new lives in your home. This means the more neutral your home is, the easier it is for them to picture their belongings and furniture in each room. A home that is oddly decorated or littered with personal memorabilia will work against this goal and make it much harder for a buyer to identify with your property.

Declutter and Organize

Less cluttered homes have a higher percentage of selling. Why? Because as with our previous point, potential buyers have fewer distractions to go through when inspecting each room in the house. Decluttering your home ties into removing emotions from the picture and storing items that bring no value to the home. Consider hiring a professional home stager to be sure the job gets done right. Public storage units also provide a convenient and affordable way to keep excess belongings safely out of sight.

Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent 

The right real estate agent will undoubtedly be able to list and market your home faster than agents who don’t know the market very well. Experienced agents should know the surrounding area in which you live and have up-to-date knowledge of what other homes in your neighborhood sold for. They’ll also have experience in home staging and can give you key pointers to ensure your home shines during showings.

Fix Whatever is Broken

It’s never a bad idea to have your home in tip-top shape before listing, so make sure any outstanding repairs get fixed. This not only makes your home look better but also adds some bargaining chips to your side of the table when negotiating your price.

You’ll want your home looking its best at all times because you never know when a showing with the perfect buyer will get booked. For more on how you can list and price your home to sell quickly, contact St. Helena Real Estate today!

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