So You Think You’ve Found the Right Home?

Looking for the right home (especially if it’s your first purchase of Napa Valley real estate) can be overwhelming, to say the least. Finding a good real estate agent, searching through listings, making lists, and learning what to look for in a home takes time and effort. And if you’re interested in luxury real estate, all the former tasks become even more important. But let’s have a look at some of these issues in depth so that you get into the best home possible the first time around.

Issue #1: Location, location, location is a real thing

You want your home to appreciate over time, right? So it couldn’t be more important that you have a home in the right neighborhood with good schools and other nice homes in the area. Fortunately, most of Napa Valley real estate falls into the “good neighborhood” category and luxury real estate is none too uncommon in our area.

Issue #2: Make sure you understand all taxes, utilities, and upkeep requirements

Property tax is a significant part of the equation when trying to determine what you can afford. Knowing your utility rates and what kind of maintenance the home needs can also be a deal-breaker. Real estate agents sometimes sell homes with historic value-meaning that you are required to maintain the home in a certain way but you can also reap tax benefits.

Issue #3: Don’t come in not knowing what you want

Less obvious but still incredibly important is the idea of knowing what you need in a piece of luxury real estate or any home for that matter. Do you need a yard? A good kitchen? Napa Valley real estate is often handsome but doesn’t fit everyone’s needs all the time. Your luxury real estate may be incredible, but you’ll soon feel different if your commute is too long. Make sure you check with a real estate agent for homes with hard-nos before you go out searching in person.

Issue #4: The right home won’t take up all your cash

Don’t make the mistake of using all your money for a down payment without realizing that Napa Valley real estate is like any other-it takes liquid cash to maintain it! Be sure to work with your real estate agent to find luxury real estate that will be a blessing, not a burden, on your wallet when it comes time to make the transaction.

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