This Year’s Landscaping Trends

Landscaping and gardening have seen a dramatic rise in households across the country, with some common trends being shared among a majority of homeowners. Keep reading to learn more about them!

More Investment Towards Landscape in Napa Valley Real Estate

As many states continue to place restrictions on travel and indoor activities such as dining and other entertainment, Americans are finding themselves with more money to invest in their homes. One area in particular that has seen a major boost in spending in 2021 is landscaping and gardening. More Americans are hiring professional contractors to build the garden or backyard of their dreams instead of doing it themselves. This level of professional workmanship not only provides an oasis-like feel but also helps raise the value of the property.

Lawn Size Reduction

In today’s luxury real estate market, having an outdoor area that can accommodate and entertain guests is an important feature that can earn multiple offers on a listed property. To accomplish this, many homeowners have opted to shrink their lawn size to accommodate for pools, outdoor tiling, gazebos, and other amenities. This is not to say the green areas are stripped away completely, but they are reduced significantly to create a new aura.

Increase in Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables

“Victory garden” was a term used for gardens that were planted during times of war to boost food production. Today, the term is used for the growing trend of fruits and vegetable gardens being planted in luxury real estate properties. It has become so popular that the number of edible-garden influencers on social media grew by 400%, according to a study by Garden Media. Landscapers are also receiving more requests to make spaces for edible gardens as per a report by the National Association of Landscape Professional.

More Space in New Homes

Another trend that has helped boost the number of professional landscaping projects is the migration of Americans out of bustling cities and into suburbs that feature larger Napa Valley real estate properties. Bigger lot sizes and a cheaper price per square footage means more money to spend on curb appeal and backyard bliss.

Earth-Friendly Landscaping

Americans in general are paying closer attention to how gardens can help ecosystems and wildlife, according to a study by the National Wildlife Federation. In the past three years, over 60 million Americans opted for a specific plant because of its direct positive impact on birds and other insects like bees and butterflies. Organic lawn care and water conservation are also top priorities for homeowners across the country.

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