Kitchen Trends to Consider This Year

The kitchen was the grand gathering place of any homes for sale in St. Helena, CA in years past, but they’ve become the absolute centerpiece of the house given the new state of our world. Hobby cooking and baking as well as socializing in the kitchen are now more commonplace and that means an inviting space is going to be a huge necessity. If you ask any realtor today they can stress the importance of a good, functional kitchen but when you are looking to redo the ol’ mess hall you may want to consider some current trends that will keep your mood up and catch the eye of a future buyer. Homes for sale in St. Helena, CA are going to be great investments for any purchaser so by putting in the extra effort you’ll make your property stand out amongst the others. So let’s get a quick glimpse at some of the new ideas that have been batted around the kitchen realm this year:

Slab backsplash:

A beautiful backsplash is going to stand out in the kitchen and if you can get it to match your new countertop, even better. A realtor will tell you that a sleek and sophisticated theme will garner more attention.

Beautifully colored kitchen tiles:

While white is the standard tile that people tend to use for their kitchens, that doesn’t mean you have to! A good realtor would not balk at a calm aquamarine or subtle emerald green as such mild colors may help your homes for sale in St. Helena, CA feel more welcoming and unique to anyone who comes in.

Sleek cabinetry

You’ve probably seen this around a whole bunch. Many realtors will agree that clean lines and more storage space are the drivers of this trend to go along with the whole “modern” aura.

Cool colors

It goes without saying if you want the kitchen to feel calm, then painting accents a cool blue will keep you feeling at ease as opposed to warm colors like red or orange. These colors also tend to not be super overbearing and distract from the space. When tastefully done, Homes for sale in St. Helena, CA can play to the green calm that emanates from the nearby vineyards while still staying within a familiar bound.

Make sure to talk to a local realtor in the Napa Valley and see what homes for sale in St Helena CA have to offer. Any one of the knowledgeable realtors at St. Helena Real Estate can show you what listings are currently available or coming available and help place your family in the best home for them.

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