Leaving The Big City for a Quieter Neighborhood

Among the many aspects of life that our annoyingly persistent pandemic has changed, one of the most notable is how and where we work. For the first time companies are shutting down offices in droves and moving to a 100% or near 100% remote workforce. Offices are incredibly costly per head of employee, so it only makes sense to have all sorts of workers from admin personnel to real estate agents perform their jobs in the safety of their homes. With that in mind, the thought many are having is: if I can live and work anywhere, why on earth would I pay an outrageous sum of money to live in a congested city when for the same price I can have a home in the suburb? Well, real estate agents are taking note and Napa Valley real estate is primed for an upswing as people across the country decide that quiet suburban/rural living isn’t so bad.

The reasons for this shift are many. Workers are finding that, if they must work from home, a home office is going to be necessary-requiring more space. And if they have children that must be schooled at home, then a larger yard and a bigger house will be in order. Napa Valley real estate is in a uniquely strong position to benefit from this new need. With Napa’s gorgeous rural setting and spacious property lines, many from San Francisco and other cities are going to view this area with great interest.

Real estate agents in the city will point to the fact that people returned to urban areas even after major disasters like 9/11. There may be some truth to that, but considering the current crisis, there’s good reason to think that many of these city transplants will stay. Napa Valley real estate is already at a high and with this new demand is poised to continue rising in value. Our talented real estate agents know that even during these unusual times, rural respites like the many elegant pieces of Napa Valley real estate are going to continue to be exceptional investments and are excited to help you on your home buying journey.

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