Trendy vs Timeless

Redesigning or redecorating can be a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to update your home’s look using today’s latest trends. However, there’s a big difference between choosing on-trend or trendy design and architectural features.

In our work as luxury real estate agents, we enjoy seeing how many homeowners manage to strike just the right balance between trendy and timeless, giving their homes a fresh start that provides beauty and function for years to come. Whether you’re looking for up-to-date homes for sale in Sonoma County or just want to renovate your existing home, here are some of the current design approaches we’re seeing.

Sonoma County Luxury Real Estate: Trends vs. Timeless Touches

Durable and enduring, wood, natural stone, and other quality materials last for decades, both stylistically and functionally. Investing in these changes ensures you find your own balance in creating a new home environment.

Focus on Durability and Comfort

Timeless home design features tend to be long-term and durable choices. For instance, hardwood flooring lasts for decades, holds up against constant use, and is most likely the best example of a classic “trend.” There’s also a comforting aspect to hardwood that often comes with using natural materials.

Choose Spaces Carefully

If you’re someone who loves indulging in trends you don’t expect to last forever, consider using short-term trends in certain areas of the home.

  • Use timeless designs, materials, and applications throughout your home to create a unifying look that helps it feel cohesive.
  • Explore trendy home design elements in auxiliary rooms like home offices, entryways, and bedrooms. And if you keep your trendy choices limited to décor and furnishing, you can make a big, fun impact that’s easy to change down the road by simply swapping out light fixtures and throw pillows.

Talk to a Luxury Real Estate Professional

Whether it’s an interior designer or your luxury real estate agent, a professional can steer you in the right direction, ensuring your updated luxury finishes find an appropriate balance between trendy and timeless.

Trends make your home cutting-edge and attractive to guests and buyers. And because they keep changing, trends also allow you to reinvent your home regularly. Timeless features provide comfort and stability, adding value that stays with your home forever. By incorporating modern home trends and classic design elements into your luxury home, you can create a space that perfectly reflects your personality and style without compromising long-lasting quality.

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