Napa Valley Dreams: How to Find the Perfect Property

Over 90 percent of Napa County’s acreage is under some form of protection from development. In the past that meant safeguarding the land from commercial development. Today, it has come to include agriculture itself. This presents a dilemma for buyers looking for plantable land in the region. Adding to the predicament are new and proposed regulations that would severely limit how much of Napa County could be used for planting new grapevines. Land for sale is hard to find but with good research and the right real estate agents, it is possible.

Scarcity of Land for Sale

The reality of buying a vineyard property in Napa Valley is that it isn’t easy. But that doesn’t stop people who’ve always wanted to call one home from sticking to their search. It took Xavier Cervantes seven exhausting years to find his, but find it he did. As land for sale in Napa County grows ever scarcer, determined buyers would do well to keep some important tips in mind.

Off the Beaten Path

Fortunately, in Napa that doesn’t always mean looking to far afield. There’s a diverse range of  neighborhoods in the Napa Valley that you might want to consider and there are hidden gems in most of them. Finally, don’t limit yourself by clinging to one vision of the ideal spot – you might miss out on a great opportunity that doesn’t conform to your preconceived ideas.

Hire a Professional

Whether your dream is a French-inspired chateau or a modern estate with gorgeous views, be prepared for wary owners and lots of negotiating. Many sellers, for instance, are vested in making sure a buyer has a shared vision for the land or property. To avoid handling transaction details of land for sale yourself and to find the best deal, use a real estate agent well-versed and respected in the Napa community. And an agent typically has insider information that helps you locate desirable and attainable properties, often before they hit the market.

When Buying Land, Patience Pays Off.

Buying land to start a winery is a process that takes a lot longer than you might think. Real estate in Napa can be complicated, estate sales are intimidating. The purchase itself is just the start. It takes time to get permits for building a home and planting vines. Remember: if you’re buying the right property in the right place at the right time, the potential returns are unbeatable. Don’t be dissuaded by the process and stay focused on the beautiful setting, amazing wine, and great people you’ll soon welcome as friends and neighbors.

As the saying goes, they aren’t making any more land – in Napa County or elsewhere. But the property you’ve been dreaming of can be found. Napa is a wonderful place to purchase a home. The community is welcoming and inclusive and has a fine appreciation for the little things in life. Real estate in Northern California is a dream. Who wouldn’t want to live in Napa Valley?

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