Benefits to replacing your windows

Homes for sale in Yountville, CA or any luxury real estate can have the same long-term problems as any other home. One of things many people don’t consider is their windows. If you live in a charming but older home there may be some great benefits to replacing the windows on your piece of luxury real estate. Homes for sale in Yountville, CA need TLC and upgrades every once-in-a -while so check out below for some great benefits of replacing your windows!

Save money on utility bills.

This one’s a no brainer. If your windows are old and single pane you are likely losing tons of air through the cracks and causing your heating or cooling bills to stay stuck high up!

You have some great options

There are many fun designs for windows. Of course, in the right place in the house a fully sealed and un-opening window may be appropriate as they provide maximum insulation. Other types include awning style windows that open and close. These provide a great seal for the windows of your luxury real estate. Try to avoid sliding windows. They are most familiar but they have the most problems with sealing as they have many more little nooks and crannies that can allow air to pool inside the home.

New panes will make a huge difference!

New windows are often double paned. With two sheets of glass instead of one you can get a great insulation effect in the home. Nowadays there are low-e coatings that block a considerable amount of infrared light (the kind of light that heats) but let visible light in. The coatings are nearly impossible to see and can really improve the performance of your windows in your piece of luxury real estate.

Homes for sale in Yountville have the benefit of being in one of the most temperate areas in the USA but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you get the most bang for your buck with the utility company! Homes for sale in Yountville, CA are often some of the most desirable homes in the country. So give us a call today and learn how we can help you find the home of your dreams!

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