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While Napa Valley has always been a wonderful, safe and secure place to live, there are so many vacation homes in the valley these days, security has become much more important than it was in the past. There are also many ways to protect your home, from decorative fences and carefully placed thorny plants to modern technologies. Fortunately, protecting your home, weather it’s a vacation property, full time residence or a homes for sale in Napa, CA, has never been easier. And with some mobile apps you can make system adjustments and monitor goings-on with certain products using your smartphone. Home security solutions range from simple to complex and offer a different variety of security features. A few of the services available to residents in wine country are listed below. There are many others, so be sure to look around while finding the best solution for your wine country real estate.

For those who are looking for a turn-key solution for their homes in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga or Angwin, CA, there are going to be many traditional large companies like ADT. These groups offer many different services and have versatile options ranging from door and window sensors to other sensors like carbon monoxide or sensors designed to detect flooding. Camera based systems are a big part as well and they provide professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. There  are other great services including Simplisafe, Protectamerica and Frontpoint out there that can be installed in most homes for sale in Napa, CA. All of these systems have a bit of a DIY component but require no tools and take under an hour to install. All of these companies have professional monitoring 24/7 and have their own unique set of features. Some do not have ongoing contracts but all have start-up costs though they are quite reasonable. Whether you’re a vacation homeowner or full time resident, there are several security systems available for you in Napa Valley.

All of these systems for your wine country real estate have different price ranges and sometimes provide products or services a la carte. If you do have a professional installation done, be sure to research any costs associate with that. Your homeowner’s insurance may even give you a discount when you purchase a home security system. Purchasing property in Napa Valley’s Famous wine region is a great investment and it’s worth protecting. And again, with modern technology it has never been as easy or affordable as it is right now.


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