Holiday Staging Tips for Sellers


Though fewer other people are putting up their houses to be sold during the wintertime, someone who is looking to sell still wants to make sure the house in question looks warm and inviting but not over the top with holiday decorations. That being said, for luxury real estate (or any real estate for that matter) a good real estate agent can help out. But here’s a few good ideas of how to stage your home during the winter months.


You’ll definitely want to avoid having too many holiday decorations just laying around and taking up space. Buyers will look for a place that is clean and not crammed.

Tree Size:

Try not to have a tree that takes up a large part of the room. Even in luxury real estate an impressive tree can give a different impression on how big a room actually is.

Holiday Staging Tips for Sellers


Overdoing it on lights can be a turn off for many people both on the front of the house and inside. But doing a light bit of tasteful lighting accentuating the home could be welcome.

Important features:

Be sure not to let the holiday decorations cover up important aspects of the home like a fireplace or other focal point of the home like stairs.


Light touches of greenery and good color schemes for other decorations make a home more inviting and personable. Displaying nice little winter themed centerpieces like pinecones or a plate of cookies also allows the viewer to really picture himself or herself there. Real estate agents will of course have good opinions too so be sure to ask if you need help.

Having your piece of luxury real estate staged properly can really welcome in a prospective buyer and possibly help in getting a good price for your home. A good real estate agent is also key so be sure to have one in your corner when you are looking to make a big move this winter or anytime!


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