Things to keep in mind to avoid home improvement fraud

Home improvement fraud can absolutely happen during the springtime. With warmer weather coming, there’s a ton of projects to be done. Any owner of Napa real estate that plans on getting work done should be ready to vet the people he or she will be working with. Any realtor would absolutely agree that it is essential to make sure you know who you are doing business with. That being said, when you do make the jump to getting your Napa real estate in top shape for summer, here’s some good ways to prevent yourself from falling victim to down payment fraud.

  1. Paying by cash

Though paying with cash for a home may be something a realtor encourages you to do when buying a home, paying by cash for down payments on contracting work leaves you most exposed to fraud. An incomplete receipt is typically not good enough in a court of law to make a claim and the contractor can siphon cash from his or her business to pay for personal expenditures. Don’t leave yourself open to fraud and pay by the next two ways!

  1. Pay by check

If necessary, paying by check is a safer way to transfer funds for the deposit. It’s got more of a paper trail and you will have a better record for yourself too. It is not the absolute safest way, but compared to cash it is a significantly safer bet.

  1. Pay by credit card

Paying by credit card is the most secure and convenient way to pay for your construction deposit. Many contractors can easily take payment with a cell phone attachment or other portable payment device in person. That way you have an immediate record with the card issuer once your transaction is complete! You and your Napa real estate is protected is the best way possible and pave the way for an easier time during construction.

But before you handle the down payment issue, always be sure to do background checks on anyone coming to do work on your home. Sometimes a realtor may even have recommendations for contractors. Napa Valley is a fantastic place to make a home so call us, your local Napa realtors and let us help you find your next place to settle down!

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