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If you’re putting up homes for sale in Napa CA, timing is crucial. Even in a seller’s market you have to play by the rules that will get you the best offers. Ask a real estate agents about the best day to list your home – they’ll most likely say it’s Thursday.

The most popular day for agents to show homes is Thursday and Redfin stats have proved that homes listed this day sell the fastest. This is something to really think about when handling homes for sale in Napa CA.

In 2017, out of 100,000 home sample, Redfin analysists discovered Sunday was the worst day to list a home. Homes on Thursday sold 5 days faster than Sunday. Need help with homes for sale in Napa CA? Contact a real estate agent at St. Helena Real Estate.

So why is Thursday such a good day to list a home? While most people tour listings over the weekend, they start planning their weekend on Thursday. Stats show that the first day of a listing gets 5x more views than the following days. A reason can be because most online real estate sites send alerts of new listings to buyers. Therefore, homes for sale in Napa CA listed on Thursday will likely have a higher chance of selling quicker than when listed on other day. Want to understand how this applies to wine country properties? Ask our real estate agent experts.

Another day to consider is Wednesday. Redfin found that homes first listed Wednesday averaged $2023 more in sale price than Sunday homes. Analysts couldn’t figure out why but it’s definitely a factor that should be thought out. See how a real estate agent can help you choose the right date.

Need Help with Homes for Sale in Napa CA?

Find your real estate agent with St. Helena Real Estate and see how they can help you find or sell your home. Our agents have strategic approaches in handling homes for sale in Napa CA and can help you navigate the market. Browse featured listings, get info on wine country towns, and get in touch.

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